《You First》

There is really nothing special to tell for today. I can only say that never give too much attention or importance to someone whoever it is. Even if you share too much things with this person or live through things together or even if it is your best friend, boyfriend, etc. don't make them feel irreplaceable. Cause they are replaceable which they should know and never forget. Sometimes when you forget people can't empathize with you like you do with them, you unnecessarily think they don't care enough for you. Just because you really love them and care for them, you expect the same. Sadly, in reality there is nothing more than what you get. You take your hopes too high on the person and watch them drop like nothing. You feel unwanted, broken and your heart shatters into million pieces. Luckily here I am to say, 'you' are the most important part of your life and nobody else. These kind of situations are which I'm getting used to so here is a huge advice: Don't make your beautiful mind deal with this kind of mess filled with negativity. Your positiveness will get you through all the troubles these people cause. Don't make them feel like they rule your emotions or make you feel the way they like you to feel. It's up to you. Also, everything happens for a reason. If you are getting a negative energy, you should leave it there, don't take it inside and try to figure out what's behind it. Just leave it there and continue. It doesn't need to be fixed, it's just have to be forgotten. You learn your lessons and move on. This was not a very long writing, like the other one a bit messy, but again I wrote what I feel so I'm happy. Hope whoever reading this, feels relieved and becomes happier than a minute ago. The purpose of my writings are -in general- to make mine and others life happier and I believe that I can do it with my words. I'm still learning but I'm better than yesterday and I'm gonna be even better tomorrow than today. That's all that matters. Wish you a happy life fulfilled with health, love and success.

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