Another Art Kid

I never really felt the need to classify myself into a particular group because I felt like classifying myself would mean that I would be stuck in one specific thing while I wanted to be so many different things. Now that I am a little older I can see that it is not a terrible thing to acknowledge that not only do I fit into a community, but that I also fit into many different communities and as cheesy as it sounds it really makes me the person that I am today. There are many obvious communities that I am part of such as the hispanic community and the women community, but there are also some communities that I am part of that relate to the things that I am interested in and passionate about such as the art and design community. I have been part of the art and design community for as long as I can remember. Since I was a little kid I have always been interested in anything that had to do with using the right side of the brain. The right side of the brain is the creative side while the left side of the brain is the more technical side. Some people are either right brained or left brained while many people are both creative and technical. I am more of a right brained person and have always loved drawing, painting, and anything that had to do with being creative. This creative spur started with the inspiration of my family because most of my family are artists so I was exposed to art very early in my life. Fortunately, I was able to see the work that my family showed me when I was a kid and used that inspiration to make doodles and paint with my fingers. Over time I started to think about the future and realized that I wanted a job that allowed me to be my creative self. By the age of ten I made up my mind and decided that I wanted to be a graphic designer even though I did not really know what a graphic designer was. Since this realization, I have taken so many drawing and basic art and design classes that I have really dug myself into the core of this community. Whenever I meet someone who is also into art I feel like I am meeting another club member, which is really funny to me because it sounds like I am in a cult. I just feel like whenever I meet someone who loves art just as much as I do, it is like we are on the same wavelength and we instantly get along so well. It is almost like there is this unspoken understanding of why we are in this community. With this unspoken understanding I always feel excited to see other people's art because I love seeing what they are inspired by. Seeing what other people are passionate about motivates me to keep creating based off of my inspirations from the other cult members in my community. Since I have been part of this community for so long, I realize that there are many words that we use to describe art and to communicate in general. For every art class that I have been in, the class was always given a list of vocabulary words to study and memorize. These words are only useful to the art community because it helps to describe an art piece in a more detailed way instead of just using the words “pretty” and “cool”. These words also help to know what a certain technique is called. Instead of just saying “move the pencil up and down a lot” it is easier to just use the word “hatching” which means the same thing. I never really realized that many people do not know these art vocabulary words until I say one of them. One day in the summer I went to an art museum with my friends and we were looking at a black and gray colored painting. After looking at it for about five seconds, I speak up and say “I like the monotone colors that are used in this painting”. My friends look at me and one of them says “what the heck is that” and while looking at their confused expressions, I thought about what I said and described that monotone means different tones of one type of color. After I finished explaining what monotone colors mean, I realized that they were already walking to the next painting and that they stopped listening. This was pretty funny to me because I knew that they did not care because they did not have to care and the only reason that I do care is because of my art classes and the career that I want have. Knowing and learning these art vocabulary words to describe art pieces and different types of technique was basically my first step into the art community. I have been part of this community for so long without knowing it. Looking back at all the things that I have learned while being in this community has made me feel secure in knowing that I want to stay in this community because I feel like I belong in it since I am so passionate about art and design. I know that I am qualified to be classified into other communities, but I also know that I am and will always be another art kid.

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