It is not always true that whatever we see is true.

It was a quite sunny day the breeze was touching my face and going playing through my hairs. The flowers were all bloomed and the sky was all clear. Walking my way to office I saw a beautiful white girl with blue sea- green eyes sitting in her balcony. I was mesmerized with her beauty but I could only see her upper half as the rest of the portion was covered with beautiful railings and plants. She was looking at all those people walking to their ways to their destination for work in curiosity that made me felt confused. Her house was of five floor and was painted like a royal palace, and in a row three luxurious car were parked. Along with that there was a name plate at their house which had the name of their daughter as Dr. Rashmi which I guessed it was she. I was amazed to see that she has everything in her life like money, fame and beauty. After then I started cursing my life for having so many flaws and incomplete targets. Every morning when I go to my office by steps I could see her in her balcony sitting quite and looking at everyone who were passing by. But whenever I see her, I start comparing my life with her and made so many complaints with myself. The next morning, She looked at me and waved her hand. I waved her too with a smile. Accidentally her book was fallen down from her hand which she was reading. I insisted immediately, " Hey, no worries I'll pick and bring it to you up." She in appreciation, " Thanks a lot , please come you are welcome." I rang the bell and rushed with so much excitement in order to talk to her and know how she feels after having such a perfect life. Her mother welcomed me," Hi, Good morning Who are you and what's your name dear?" I answered in a low voice. In some small chit chat her mother told me in sorrow," You are the first girl who came to meet my daughter after a long time." She was unknown with the fact that I came to return her daughter's book. I was surprised to know this fact that how she can't have friends to visit and meet her. Her mother took me to the next floor where she was sitting. The moment I saw her, my face turned pale, the size of my eyes got enlarged and filled with tears. I was shocked to see her sitting on a wheel chair and her skin was bleached due to vitiligo. She smiled at me and asked my name with so much warm-hearted. "Hi, This is Divyanshi. I hope you are doing good right now." I answered. After talking for a while she asked me ," How does it feel living like a normal life?" To be honest, I was not in the position to answer her because this was not expected. " How does it happened? If you don't mind to answer." To which she answered me ,"I faced an ugly accident while I was coming back to home from college. The Doctor had to cut my legs from the knees in order to stop the infection. I already had vitiligo due to which I was always make fun of due to my skin complexion. There was no friend of mine and now my whole body is bleached. My family had to pay lot of money on my treatment which costs lakhs of money per month because of which we are unfortunately living on rent in this house. Here it not only ends, I also have color blindness and because of all this I can't even complete my graduation." After hearing all I was dumbfounded, I asked her name for which she answered, " I am Yashika!" "Sometimes it may seem that the other person is having everything and doing well in their life due to which we start comparing ourselves but in all this we forgot to understand and remind that it is not always true that whatever we see is true." It can be delusion with harsh reality. With this live experience I want to share the moral that at last we need to love ourselves instead of cursing and comparing. There is so much good within ourselves to appreciate and embrace. Stop comparing yourself to what you see on social media in today's digital era. Be satisfied and grateful for what you have and blessed with.


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