A loss for words

Wow. When I came across Biopage's Storytelling Writing Contest, I thought, "Hey, that's neat. We could all use some feel-good stories right now, and it would be good for me to sharpen my writing skills." Sure, I was intrigued by the contest component, but this was more of a reflection activity for myself. I needed this opportunity to remember the positive memories and milestones that occurred during COVID. This was a gratitude exercise that challenged me to search for hope in an era of fear. To those of you who read and interacted with my story, a special thanks to you. I know that mine was a simple tale; no lives were at risk and no severe trauma was experienced. Yet, it's a story that you still cared to embrace. Thank you for showing such interest in my experience. Special shoutout to Bella, Muslimakhon, Amisha, Frances, and Nabila on your wonderful stories. You are all fully deserving of the recognition coming your way! To those at Biopage, thank you for running a contest intended to bolster people's spirits. It's all too easy to fixate on the gloomy and discouraging realities of our world today, but your platform has been a safe space for incredible users to share some beautiful work. I've thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated being a member of such a generous community. I still don't know how to articulate the significance of this experience in my life. Writing has been an intimidating, yet incredibly rewarding journey for me, though none of this would have happened without the grace of God. By His leading, I trust that He will bring me to the next stage of the journey, one written piece at a time. Let love conquer fear, let light shine in the darkness, and let artists continue to inspire the world. Thank you.

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