Covid Diving

Covid was a time of struggle for many, but it also brought people together. Whether it was finding a new hobby, or creating new friendships, there was a lot of good that came from it. I was one of those individuals who started a new path during lockdown. Like many kids, I was entered into a sport at the ripe age of four. Unlike other kids, I was not entered into soccer or gymnastics, I was entered into karate. Even though I despise the repetitiveness of sparring with people and memorizing routines, I was unaware I had the power to quit. I believed that I was stuck doing karate until I went to college in nine years. This all changed when Covid hit. Karate got switched to classes via Zoom, where instead of having a coach to teach you, you had to rely on watching others. Eventually, my parents realized how much I hated it. They agreed to let me stop doing online classes, and then return when they went back to in-person. Luckily for me, I found a better sport. I had just moved to a new school, one where I knew absolutely no one. I was not enjoying this new school because I didnt have friends. People were hesitant to talk to the new kids due to Covid. The only positive thing was, surprisingly, PE. Our first unit was swim and dive. I did not enjoy the swim part, but I loved the dive part. I enjoyed doing flips, jumping, and just having fun. To my advantage, I was not the only person who enjoyed it. A few other people in my grade decided to band together and ask the PE coach about her dive team. Before we knew it, we were all trying out our very first day of diving. Some of us loved it more than others, but I knew one thing for sure. Dive was going to be my new passion. Over the next few years, I started learning new diehard testing my major fear of heights. I loved the thrill I got when doing new dives, but also the joy I felt when I nailed one. Even with my history of ankle pain and injuries, I was still able to dive through it and enjoy every second of it. The only thing better than finding a sport I love is the friends I made. I've made countless connections with everyone on my team. Whether it's just that we are both scared of the same dive, or we hang out outside of practice, I love all of them. I do not think that me from before COVID would believe that I love going to practice and that I even look forward to it. I don't think that I who just started at a new school would believe that I made friends without having to intrude on someone else's friend group. All of these discoveries lead me to think that maybe everything happens for a reason. If not for covid, where would I be now? I probably wouldn't be diving, I probably would be suffering with a sport I hate.

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