D'Jango Unchained: A Story of Perseverance

My husband and I watched D'Jango Unchained (2012) over the weekend. I thought it was cute that, even though we were separated, we both said we would not watch the movie when it was advertised because of it's depiction of slavery. But, once we watched it and got a gist of the story line, we were hooked. It was interesting to me that even during our time apart we still thought alike... LOL... I digress that's a different story. Please, forgive the musings of a newly reunited, dreamy-eyed wife. I have seen this movie several times but, apparently, I have not watched it. Maybe I should say I did not pay attention to it. Or, a more likely scenario would be that I slept through the majority of it - which I confess I am notorious for doing. Whatever the reason, I seemed to have missed the entire scene where Dr. Schultz tells D'Jango the story of Broomhilda. She is a princess who is banished to a mountain top guarded by a fire breathing dragon. The dragon surrounds her "in a circle of hellfire". She is fated to stay there forever unless a hero saves her. Sigfried is that hero... "He scales the mountain because he is not afraid of it. He slays the dragon because he is not afraid of it. And he walks through hellfire because Broomhilda is worth it." D'Jango responds, "I know how he feels", because he is on a similar quest. The victories of Siegfried and D'Jango were not won because of special skill, talent, or privilege but because of their commitment to obtaining the prize. This is a profound example of perseverance. Often times we get discouraged and disappointed by the various obstacles that present themselves during our human experiences. For those who have reached their desired position and are now resting on your laurels , I commend you. But, for those who have dreams and goal that you have yet to attain, please allow these words of encouragement to help laser beam your focus and strengthen your resolve to continue your pursuit: BE THE HERO OF YOUR STORY! SCALE THE MOUNTAIN! SLAY THE DRAGON! WALK THROUGH HELLFIRE! YES, YOU CAN DO IT! *YOU ARE WORTH IT!* Photo by Dương Nhân from Pexels

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