Distorted visions in 2020

Yesterday I was light as a feather, but today I woke up a little more anxious , because my social medias told me, that I was not good enough. Till I became consumed with the world's issues because my simplicity was not enough. Even though I probably will not change the world, but I feel important. “ “My sincerity was a bad choice. My vulnerability was taken for granted . That I should want to be like others, who in themselves are unsure of themselves. Social media telling me, I am not really me though., that perhaps if I identify as such, or tweak a little of that. Now I have been contaminated, with this false sense of “the norm”, when I was created to stand out, why am I trying to fit in? Family and friends are envious of each other, envious of life online, that is untouchable, but only imaginable. Life was much simpler. It's better to disown a family member on social media, instead of real life. We can friend and unfriend them, block and unblock them. Follow and unfollow them, without them knowing. We all love our families on social media. We hate them in real life. We even love strangers more online. Relationships were much easier. Now we are trying to see who we can compete with, tear down instead of building each other, rather than being true to ourselves. Marriages are now being made and destroyed on the internet. Social media has puts insecurities and division between those in relationships. Mainly because people cannot grasp the fact that social media is untouchable. How are untouchable facts allowed to cause such divisions? Social media will only reveal two things about existing relationships. . The internet is also responsible for many lives being tragically changing. Though we are living in the age of information and times of revelation, there are many who are still blind to the world we live in. . As the numbers increase on the internet and social media accounts, our level of discernment decreases. And the number of real people in your life decreases, while the number of fake people increases. We can do everything online these days. With every click we seem to pick up issues and problems, that were not there yesterday. With every click we put our lives are in more danger, by putting our personal information out there. When we join social media, we suddenly have as much to say or to opinionate on. Perhaps it is because we never had the opportunities to be as vocal. If we don't think about what we post, share, or say on social media, consequences follow, but what are the boundary lines? How will we know if we do not cross that boundary? Rules are created after boundaries are broken. For things that did not seem too difficult are in fact more difficult. Our curiosity has taken us outside our boundaries, just because we can. The internet has given some of us courage, but a fake sense or courage. God has called us to be leaders in our lives not followers. But you cannot lead on social media without first following first This is the level of how diluted we have become as adults. Although the internet is wonderful and capable of doing wonders, we tend to focus on the negative aspects. The need for online employment and online business put us in a less secure place. Your security for your security? Sounds kind of crazy. We put on more fronts than the actual work. We have the vision but not the ethics when it comes the internet. We waste more money to make money. We need virtual experiences for our virtual lives. Employment is not at its best, but we can make unemployment look good on the internet. (social media has got everyone thinking. (I am not implying that there aren't successful entrepreneurs, just the posers.) Hate groups are being built on the internet, mainly because my political opinions. How can we have fake friends on Facebook, but gain real enemies? I get praises on the internet for doing the right thing. Doing the right thing , means doing the right thing, not for likes or shares. It is wonderful to acknowledge achievements, accomplishments, and celebrations. But it is not normal to post every time I give the homeless some change. Perhaps appropriation would be the correct term. For example, belong to a specific group on social media, would be the appropriate time to act weird. Then everybody would stop getting offended for every little thing. People would get to keep their jobs and their lives, without being bullied. Social platforms need to be more careful to make users' safety, secure and little more of a priority, especially if they make millions from everybody's data. We have made the internet into a cult. A cult of approval, where we are looking for validation and approval from strangers across the world. The online world is like looking outside from inside of your window, watching life pass by but you are not part of it. It is like looking at someone's thoughts, but you cannot touch them, but they will touch you.

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