Find your way

In the vast expanse where stories begin, Amidst the chaos and the din, A journey unfolds, both daunting and grand, Of finding your way in this vast, sprawling land. There once was a soul, lost and adrift, In the labyrinth of life, caught in its drift. With eyes that mirrored the starlit sky, Yet within, a storm brewed, ready to defy. He wandered aimlessly, through streets unknown, His heart heavy, his spirit overthrown. In the heart of the city, where dreams take flight, He sought refuge from the endless night. Every step he took echoed a silent plea, To find his place, his sanctuary, to be free. But the city's noise drowned out his cry, As he gazed upon the endless sky. The stars above, distant and cold, Seemed to mock his struggles, untold. Yet amidst the chaos, a whisper faint, Guided him forward, through fear and constraint. Through bustling crowds and empty streets, He walked, his journey bittersweet. For every smile, every tear he shed, Led him closer to the path ahead. In the depths of despair, he found a spark, A glimmer of hope in the endless dark. With each dawn, a promise anew, That his dreams, his desires, would come true. But the road ahead was fraught with strife, Filled with trials that tested his very life. Yet he pressed on, his spirit unbroken, With faith as his guide, his words unspoken. Through storms that raged and winds that howled, He weathered the tempest, his resolve unbowed. For in the heart of adversity's snare, He found the strength to rise and dare. And so he journeyed, through valleys deep, Where shadows danced and secrets keep. He scaled the mountains, he crossed the seas, In search of a truth that would set him free. With every step, he grew stronger still, As he embraced the power of his own will. For in the crucible of pain and strife, He discovered the essence of his own life. Through laughter and tears, he learned to see, The beauty of his own humanity. For in the depths of his darkest night, He found the courage to embrace the light. And as he reached the end of his quest, He realized that he was truly blessed. For in finding his way in the big world, He had discovered the essence of his own unfurled. In the vast expanse where stories cease, He found his home, his lasting peace. For in the journey, he had come to find, That the truest home lies within, forever kind. The world may be vast, the journey long, But within us, we carry a song. A melody of hope, of love, of grace, Guiding us forward, to find our place. So when the night seems dark and cold, And the journey ahead seems bold, Remember the soul who dared to roam, And found his way, to a place called home. © Akhmedova Zakhro

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