From 'Nothing Here' to Career: The Story of How I Started my DJ Business

The crowd is cheering. The lights are flashing. You know all the loud sounds around you are going to leave you with a raging headache the next morning, but that isn't the concern of the moment. All eyes are on you as the crowd anticipates the upcoming beat drop. There it goes! The beat drops and the crowd is up, jumping and roaring to their favorite song. You feel the energy around you as you've just made all 100 people on the dance floor ecstatic. These moments are why I love what I do. Who would have thought my lifelong interests would lead me to make $40,000+ at 200+ events before age 18. I am talking about my greatest passion, my greatest accomplishment, what I take greatest pride in: my DJ business. From a young age, I had a strong passion for music, technology, and making money. I had a variety of jobs, from landscaping to tutoring. Although I made a lot from these jobs, I didn't feel fully satisfied. I thought “what job can I do that both pays well and combines my interests in music and technology?” Then it hit me! At age 14, I decided to start a DJ business. Although I had faith in myself that becoming a DJ would be a success, I never imagined the level of success the business would lead me to. The first months of running my business were challenging. Getting booked for events was difficult due to my newness in the field. I needed something that would allow people to hear my work so they can get a first-hand impression of my service. Over the summer, every Wednesday, my town hosted a pool party for families. Although they were fun events, they were missing one key element: a DJ. I had the idea to approach the recreation director and offer my services voluntarily in return for being included in the event's ads. This was one of my best decisions due to how much my business grew as a result. By Sophomore year, my business was becoming a massive success, so I knew it was time to bring it to the next level. I had a good amount of money saved, so I purchased a set of professional DJ equipment. Today, because of my hard work, I am capable of what I never thought was possible. I now DJ a wide range of events, from sweet sixteens to school events with 100s of guests. I am proud of where I am today because of my hard work. I've not only used my business to become the best version of myself but to assist those in need and volunteer to causes I support. Recently, I DJ'd a charity event for underprivileged children. Many speakers were asking for donations to help these children afford necessities. I was touched by everybody who spoke at the event, so I decided I was going to donate the money I made to the charity. I was proud knowing I helped children in need. I've volunteered my services in other ways as well. My town, annually on June 1st, hosts an LGBTQ+ flag-raising ceremony to kick off national pride month. As a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, I was happy to volunteer my services to provide entertainment and attract more people to the event. When the last song is done, you thank the crowd for attending the event. A couple people come up to you while you're packing up your equipment to thank you for the great time, asking for your business card. You say your final goodbyes, and wish the hosts a good night. On the drive home, you take time to reflect on your accomplishments. This is the story of how in three years I went from an ordinary teenager to the owner of a successful DJ business.

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