La Place Kleber

La Place Kleber You can smell intensively the croissant and the French coffee ready to be served. French coffee always make her happy. Its always such a delight for her to sit and enjoy a cup of French filter coffee. That small French coffee shop is a place to sit and think about all the things you can really enjoy and do in a day. The square is full of busy people walking down the road. Some of them are in hurry to get the bus, some of them are going to a professional meeting. And some, who are lucky are just wandering around in town to enjoy the day by doing absolutely nothing. She grabs a book and starts reading. The title is challenging, but she wanders if it is too positive or negative. Maybe it's an irony... "Every time i find life's meaning, they change it"... What a weird title. She doesn't know if she has to feel happy with this meaning or not. A passerby sits next to her. He orders coffee too. He smiles at her. She smiles back. They laugh together. She drops the book on the table. C'est la vie.

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