Life rarely has meaning.

“What is life?” This is a question you may have asked yourself on numerous occasions. Did you fibd your answer yet? Did you find your purpose? What is the purpose… dose purpose matter? Ill never know the answer to these questions and neither will you because that's not how these thibgs work. In life there is no way to know what will happen or what can or why. It just happens and you just deal with it while its happening. Those events may shape how you think, feel, or act for the rest of your life but it dosn't matter. That same thing that changed you can happen over and over and over again no matter what you cant prevent it. Why tho? I dont know… I can't tell you. Did you come here looking for answers? Lol No answer while be foud im not the all knowing all powerful one. I just know that none og this matters. In the end it cest to exist so enjoy these momments you have. Enjoy the time. Enjoy the enviorment, the people, the animals, the air. One breathe you take is one you'll never get again… so breathe… take your time to understand nothing has meanibg so choose what means something to you. Chose Wisley, because it could make you or break you. I was raised by a queen and shall die a king. Thank you.

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