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At Melbourne North Service Centre, we are experts in log book servicing. If you require a comprehensive log book service in North Melbourne, then we are undoubtedly the best choice. Our car log book service mechanics make sure that every single service for your vehicle is completed to or better than the manufacturer standard. A car log book service is one of the most important regimens for the reliability of your vehicle. By log book servicing you confirm that your car is in great working condition and operating smoothly. Car servicing is the biggest part of what we do. We specialize in full warranty car servicing across the majority of models and makes. Our servicing maintains your new car warranty and all work done by us is backed by our 10,000km or 12 month warranty. This includes stamping your logbooks. When you have a log book service you also keep an accurate record of your car's maintenance and service history. This can be of great help if you plan on selling your car in the near future as a fully documented car log book adds significant value to your sale price. When reviewing your car log book service, our professional team will provide you with a service in line with the manufacturer log book. This ensures that your vehicle runs safely and efficiently as per the manufacturer's standards. We use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or Ryco filters when it comes to oil, air and fuel filtration. The Ryco brand maintains warranty by guaranteeing that they meet or exceed the manufacturers' filter specifications. To know more : https://mnsc.com.au/services/log-book-service/

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