Mister Time

Mister Time (born Jerald Murphy), later became Minister Time is a fiction American Christian leader, minister, and human rights activist. He seems important to many people in the Christian movement. Mister Time got his nickname Time because he seemed so far ahead of everyone else. He speaks of the things that sound like the future, but the world around him can't see that he speaks of the present. When Time was a child, he had a very high IQ. He grew up very intelligent and never had many friends. Time was the only child and claimed his cousins as his sisters and brothers. He grew up on the bad side of what is called Flip City. To raise him well, his mother and father took him to church and moved to a better neighborhood on the country side. After high school, Mister Time began to speak and teach around the world. He poured his heart out to those that needed help. Time took a few college classes to further his education. From then on, he became a Christian leader, minister, & activist. Listen to the Podcast the Tale of DJ Flip https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-tale-of-dj-flip

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