My first Halloween - Part2

The night seemed shorter than expected just like any of the good times ever before you realize, it just fades away. Danni, the less drunk of the trio, drove Mina and Ema back to their residence where they planned to call it a night and all were off to bed. When Ema woke up the next morning, she saw Mina was getting dressed up and Danni had already left perhaps. She was having a bad hangover, so she went to the kitchen to make herself some lemonade. Mina apologized, “Hey Ema, sorry, I am a bit in a rush, need to headway to the office,” “But it's only Sunday, “exclaimed Ema. “I know I know; my editor wants me to submit the pictures and the draft for the article from yesterday, it needs to go for publishing in the Sunday evening today. I need to get the prints developed and drop it at the office, so will catch up a post that, “informed Mina. “Sure, do grab some coffee and breakfast on the way,” advised Ema. “Sure!”, rushed Mina out the door, the uber was already waiting! Ema slowly finished sipping her lemonade and was making some more back coffee to get over the hangover. She started browsing through pictures from last night on her iPhone and couldn't stop laughing at the fun time they had. After browsing through some pictures, she suddenly realized that Danni wasn't in any of them, “How strange! She was with me all night, she should have been in all the selfies and pictures I clicked on my phone”, she thought to herself. She slowly started to get spooked. “Did Danni edit her out of the pictures before she left? No not possible, “she explained herself. As she finished watching all the photos, she realized something was extremely strange. Either someone was trying to joke with her, or it was something spooky. She tried dialling Danni again, the phone was ringing but no one picked up, and she realized Danni told her had lost her phone yesterday. She quickly got dressed and drove her car to Danni's apartment. The room was locked and didn't seem like anyone was home, She had the spare keys so sneaked in. The house was speck clean, without a trace of anyone been there this morning, “Perhaps Danni came back home, cleaned the house, and left for the hospital? But she had a day off, maybe an emergency case?”, Ema wondered. She headed her way to the hospital and while almost near it she saw a huge gathering and a police barricade. She stopped and parked the car to ask the standby people as to what was happening. “Yesterday, a nurse was brutally murdered early morning by the man who had run away from the asylum and later committed suicide. Their bodies were found in the forest by a woodcutter this morning”, responded a bystander.

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