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I feel that a student is a person who always find adventures, find the ways to be independent, to explore the world. Thanks to the Petrozavodsk State University, I've been to Krasnodar and the Kizhi Island. Both of them were the summer work trips and they have changed me a lot. Now I'd like to share my feelings about the Kizhi Island, its indescribable atmosphere created by people. First of all, the island is located on Lake Onega in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. It's near Finland's border. The Kizhi Pogost Ensemble was enlisted into the World Heritage List of UNESCO. So, working near such a famous place is something unbelievable. What I like about the Kizhi Island, among other thing, is people there. It doesn't matter whom we're talking about whether it's director or gardener, all people there have unique lifestyle, and they're ready to help. It's all about people. This phrase perfectly suits the Kizhi Island. And this is one specific thing that I've learnt being there. All we know about different global problems, every day people grumble about local problems in their lives, cities, countries. “What can I do? I'm alone.” “I don't have leader skills.” “This system can't be changed.” “Why I should do anything? Officials must.” Sound familiar? People want to change nothing, because they are afraid of being responsible. It's easier to complain, not to take actions. All in all, being on the Kizhi Island I've learnt this thing “everything depends on you”. Actually, it's a truism. But, in my opinion, it's highly important to implement it in your life, make it your philosophy. In conclusion, I'd like to reiterate that the world is all about people. We create pollution, corruption, crimes, impoliteness and all other extremely negative things. At the same time, we are responsible for creating friendly atmosphere at home or at the working place, decorating an office for Christmas or for any other holidays or simply so, being polite with our neighbours or treating a colleague with a chocolate. Having this philosophy in your everyday life will entail “spill-over effect” and we will become more active in global issues. Just enjoy your life.

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