A Tale of Pandemic Struggle

In the village, the Covid began spreading The scene was pitiful and heartbreaking: Grapes became sick with dizziness, Apples laid down trees so helpless. In garden, became fruits show: Flowers and trees bent low, The leaves fell to the ground, Coming together in a mound. Pumpkins lying on the fields Having an ache on body shields. Short of breath on the pears, Crying loudly with some tears. Some fruits are well-being, don't despair The figs remained, hanging in the air The virus swept through the cornfield, Leaving behind patient yield. The mulberry tree waved its branches, As if in a dance, taking chances. But no any harm has been seen, For the carrots and the beans. Gardener, gardener, come here! Vegetables and fruits need care They want to be fresh and shiny, Sweet, juicy, yummy and clear!

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Author, Writer, Actress

Manchester , United Kingdom