Pandemic essay

The coronavirus pandemic is the defining global health crisis of our time. This virus has spread to every continent except Antarctica. That new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan (China) in December 2019. We all have been affected by the Covid-19. However, the impact of the pandemic and its consequences were felt differently depending on our status as individuals as and members of society. Before beginning of the pandemic situation the life was usual and was very exciting. Unfortunately, that infection caused to many health problems and even death in every single country. In order to prevent the public health, the government announced a quarantine. Our president also suggested to work at home, to study online instead going out at that disastrous time. Loads of markets, factories, universities, schools all is closed until the vaccine was created. At that times I was one the applicants who were preparing the entering tests of universities. I was studying hard to pass the test even to acquire higher band score from IELTS examination so as to be exempted from English examination. I was going to register the exam for May but after having announced the quarantine I cancelled that and all my hopes were dashed. I started to learn at home with the helps of my friends and my teacher. Really that times I was very impressed by the pandemic and I thought that is impossible for me to pass the examination. Beginning of the summer days the situation was eased and my tutor called me to suggest to learn grammar with another teacher. And I started to participate to the grammar course. But increasing the number of patients was the main reason for the government to ban to go out again. Exam dates had been postponed due to the pandemic. Finally, it was announced that my exam will be held in September and my teacher advised me not to harry, not to be nervous if I don't find the answer during the test. And all was worked for my success for exam results. After the results were announced, I found out that I was also a university student. Currently, I am junior student of the Jizzakh state pedagogical university. In conclusion, always being optimistic and active and realizing what I need and putting exact priorities and never stopping trying to reach them motivates me to go forward.

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