Pandemic in Uzbekistan

This post will provide you with an example of a Covid-19 pandemic essay. Humanity confronted a variety of issues during the end of the 20th century that were directly tied to important developments in the information and telecommunications fields. Furthermore, these examples of informational and narrative essays about the Covid-19 pandemic will demonstrate the global scenario. In Uzbekistan, when the first instance of the virus was identified on March 15, 2020, an Uzbek person returning from France, the infection was proven to have spread to Uzbekistan. Then, any Uzbek people who live in abroad, came to home in Uzbekistan were isolated and kept in quarantine. Day by day quarantine was strengthened after the migrants of Uzbek arrived. After that the government announced that entertainment venues, such as: restaurants, wedding houses, cafes, bars and parks would be closed and other types of family gatherings would be prohibited. Quickly in companies, organizations and schools, universities, lyceums, colleges worked remotely as well as requiring the use of protective masks. Soon, In Uzbekistan promptly closed the border. As we are human beings, there are many difficulties for people, especially poor people who works daily and masters who takes money for their work. Imagine your own eyes, during the pandemic streets empty, there is no cars, buses, and other trucks except service cars: such as ambulance, police and special organizations cars who worked hospital, government and other carrying cars that goods, items and other pharmacy drugs. There is no human beings at the street, except security guards who placed every 100 or 150 meters and they carefully observe every individuals and stopped who passed the roads and police officer asked any people questions like "where are you going?" and "what is the reason to go" if people don't respond questions seriously as well as their reason unimportant, the policeman returned people home. Moreover, the police officer took over the individual's serious punishment if there was necessary. When the day the self-isolation regime was announced by government, 1 day ago before pandemic, prices rocketed at shops, grocery stores and street markets the purpose is increased demand for primary goods and as well as restrictions , people stocked primary goods such as: sunflower oil, rice, potato and other cooking ingredients. Many villagers have consumed their own grown vegetables and fruits. By the way, government aid many people whom with lack of money and severe conditions. They gave poor people different kinds of pets to expand and as well as to run their own business and were informed the condition of elderly people and as well as gave support. Moreover, many villagers who work in the city hardly ever go to the house, once a week the reason was during the pandemic restrictions, police officers did not let anyone walk in the street. One of the main causes were condition of the people stayed worse day by day, And the governor separated who stayed worse, and took care of every patient. Pandemic gave lesson for us such as: every people cared about one another and helped each other and supported. Uzbekistan still lack of communication systems, and this impacts during the pandemic . All schools, colleges and universities have started online lessons while teachers not ready yet, they even have not prepared yet, and some of the teachers even do not use laptops and own personal computers before. Pupils and students did not get enough knowledge from school, college and university. And some rural areas is not have Wi-Fi and stable internet. Day by day, teacher prepare and learn online platforms such as : zoom, moodle. Then started operating online lessons face to face on zoom platform and placed the tests that students to solve on moodle.

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