Positivity Always Wins

During this pandemic it has really brought out how different personalities react in stressful or difficult situations. I believe the best approach no matter your personality is to keep a positive mindset. No matter the numbers or whats happening with this pandemic their is only a small number of things that we can control. The number one thing we can control that will help us is our mindset, our reactions and the precautions that we personally can take. We cannot force others to do what we believe is right but we can take the right precautions and be the example for others to follow. First thing is to maintain a positive mental attitude no matter what. When we are positive we can be a force for good in the world and be a light for others to look to. Going into the negativity only brings us down and diminishes what we can accomplish. Stay positive, think of all the things this pandemic has helped us realize; like the importance of our family. Think of all the things your grateful for, all the things you still can do, the virus has take somethings from us no doubt about that, but it has showed us that the most important things like family, love, our relationships can never be taken from us. Second thing we can control are the precautions that we can take. What we know that helps stop the spread is wearing face masks, staying six feet from others, sanitize hands often, and cover your coughs and sneezes. If we all commit to taking these precautions it will set the example for others to do the same. Third thing we can control is our own mental state. Believe it or not but It doesn't really help to be looking up and know the numbers of cases. The only thing that does is stress us out more. Always focus on the positive. When the numbers actually start to decrease you will hear about it. Constantly checking numbers only makes us feel more helpless. Control what you can control. Know that you can't control how many people getting this virus. Know that you can control your mental attitude and staying positive is always the best option. Know that you can set the example for others to follow and take the precautions set out by the CDC is the best way to prevent speeding this virus. Remember positivity always wins!


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