Quarantined Fitness

When all this started, I saw a meme on social media. The toned lower half of a body hanging out behind a refrigerator door. "Me at the beginning of quarantine." Then the body is changed to show a really big fat one. "Me at the end of quarantine." I didn't want to be the fat one. So I've spent the last 10 weeks really working on my physical fitness. I'm fortunate enough to have a room in my home that is a dedicated home gym. It used to be my daughter's room, but she's now in her 20s and doesn't use it anymore and I was so tired of looking at it... And, I have a Peloton. In the beginning, I was already very close to my goal weight. So I switched it up and started focusing on doing more strength training and building my muscles. These ten weeks have made a big difference in my weight, shape, confidence, and the way I feel. So much better. This proved to me my dreams are possible. It just takes a little time and a lot of daily, dedicated focus.

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