RELIGION, EVIL IN DISGUISE. Essay writing contest

The beaut they say about the human race is that it's a spur to our highest achievement and an incentive to our worst nightmare, hence it's been sod's law since primordial time that with great advancement comes great chaos, as time begets time and humanity evolved in attitude, character and invention so came the birth of all global social Ill, war, terrorism, kidnapping, ritualism, human sacrifice e.t.c. To these I'll add religion the most vitiating of all global Ill. This is indeed a mystery, man's greatest dilemma, religion! Man's greatest creation, creates the same thing that is extinguishing the human race. The fact is iron clad that religion is the crux of all known ill, in fact the totality of all known global social Ill is embedded in religion, people commit murder in the name of religion, engage in terrorism, kidnapping, human sacrifice e.t.c you just name them. Do not get me wrong, there's absolutely nothing wrong in believing in God but believing in a religion is the problem, let's not be sentimental here, look around you, if you've perhaps not felt religious BANE before search the Internet, you'll notice that the worst atrocities in human history have been in the name of religion, this is not just a speculation, it's a fact with historical proof and I'll show you. In 1300 for instance, the Aztecs began there elaborate theocracy and brought human sacrifice to golden Era, about 2000 people were killed yearly to appease gods especially the sun god who needed daily nourishment of blood. Heart of sacrificed victims were cut out and some bodies were eaten ceremoniously. Other victim were drowned, beheaded, burned or dropped from height. In a rite to the rain god, shrieking children were killed at several site so that their tears might induce rainfall. In a rite to the maize goddess, a virgin danced naked for 24hours,then killed and skinned. Her skin was worn by a priest in further dancing. One account says at King Ahuitzot's coronation, 80,000 prisoner were butchered to appease the gods. In the year 1400,the Catholic Church shifted it's focus to witchcraft. Priest tortured untold number of women into confessing that they were witches who flew through the sky and engaged in six with the devil. They were then burned or hanged in public after accepting due to the unbearable torture. Witch hysteria ranged for three century in dozen nations. Estimate of the number executed vary from 100,000 to 2 million. The witch craze was religious madness at its worst. Islamic religion law decree that thieves shall have their hand or feet chopped off and unmarried lovers shall be killed. In Sudan, in 1983,66 thieves where axed in public. A moderate Muslim leader Mahmoud Mohammed Taha was hanged for heresy in 1984 because he opposed the amputation. In Saudi Arabia, a teen aged princess and her lover were executed in public in 1977. In Pakistan in 1987,a 25 Year old carpenter's daughter was sentenced to be stoned to death for engaging in an unmarried sex. In the United Arab Emirates in 1984,a cook and a maid were both sentenced to stoning for adultery. In Indian, member of the thugee sect strangled people as sacrifice to appease the blood thirsty goddess Khali. The number of victim has been estimated to be as high as 2 million. Thugee were claiming about 20,000 lives in a year. The Maryam theocracy in the 11th and 18th century drowned about 200 virgin each year to appease the feathered serpent god. In 1200,incas built their empire in Peru, at major ceremonies, it was recorded that about 200 babies were burned as offering, special chosen women about 500 were strangled. In 1994,Di mambo, a founder of a religious cult called "order of the solar temple" ordered the murder of a child with a wooden knife, he claimed the child was the anti Christ. He also ordered the mass suicide of 300 members. Now this are just few among many, there are countless atrocities committed in the name of religion even far beyond the edges of this writing. Religion stretches beyond just atrocities, it's been recorded among others with the highest death rate, for example: The Taiping war:80,000,000 death The crusade:6,000,000 Thirty years war:11,500,000 Muslim conquest of indian:80,000,000 Congolese genocide:13,000,000 Eight year war:1,000,000 Rwanda Genocide :1,500,000 The Holocaust:6,500,000. Recent time haven't changed a bit as with old time, today scorches by religion are yet unimaginable, devastating and damaging. It has caused the world a great deal and it's still causing it. The Bokoharam terrorist group in North Nigeria, the violent activities of ISIS, the Afghanistan conflict, Pakistan conflict, Sudan conflict, Arab hostility on christain are incidence attesting to this fact.

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