Sasi krishnasamy - Success story

Sasi Krishnasamy is a well-known spiritual guru, social activist, and the founder of the Ayngaran Foundation in Palani, Dindigul district, the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He was born on January 22nd, 1984 to Mr. Krishnasamy and Mrs. Nageshwari in the Palani village, and at the age of 5, they moved to Coimbatore City. He completed his schooling and higher education in Coimbatore and worked for a private company in the jewelry industry until . He married Mrs. Gokila sasikrishna in September 2009 and has a daughter and son named Sowmiya Sasikrishna and Gowtham Sasikrishna. He faced a tragic loss of his father in 2010, which led him to seek spiritual guidance and solace. He studied various spiritual practices and disciplines and discovered that he had a natural talent for teaching others about mindfulness and self-awareness. He started the Ayngaran Foundation on September 14, 2020 with the vision of creating a self-reliant and sustainable society through various initiatives such as education, agriculture, health, environment, animal welfare, sports, and culture. He has also written several books on spirituality, such as Akshya Dharma Success Story- Ayngaran Foundation, which has inspired many readers. He has been featured in various media outlets such as Business Connect Magazine India, Times of Chennai,, Top Markets News, Florida Recorder, Great Companies, etc. for his achievements and contributions. He is also the founder of Bodhivanam Agro farms private limited, Ayngaran Foundation USA, and Bodhipedia . He has organized and participated in various events such as Akshya Dharma program for Deepavali festival, Volleyball Sports Meet at Kerala, etc. to promote social harmony and wellness. Sasi Krishnasamy is a success story of a man who overcame personal challenges and transformed his life with spirituality and service. He is a role model for many people who aspire to make a positive difference in the world.🙌

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