Sasi krishnasamy Teachings about RELATIONSHIPS

Sasi Krishnasamy Teachings about Relationships Sasi Krishnasamy is a spiritual guru and social activist who founded the Ayngaran Foundation, an organization that aims to empower and uplift the underprivileged communities in India. He is also a mindfulness teacher who has helped many people find inner peace and happiness. His teachings on relationship are based on the principles of mindfulness and self-awareness, and he believes that true happiness and fulfilment come from within. Some of the key aspects of his teachings on relationship are: He encourages people to cultivate a deep sense of self-love and self-acceptance, as this is the foundation of any healthy and harmonious relationship. He says that by loving and accepting ourselves, we can also love and accept others without judgment or expectation. He advises people to practice mindfulness and awareness in their relationships, as this helps them to be more present, attentive, and compassionate towards their partners. He says that by being mindful and aware, we can also avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings, and communicate more effectively. He suggests people to embrace the imperfections and differences in their relationships, as this is what makes them unique and beautiful. He says that by accepting and celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of our partners, we can also enrich and enhance our own lives. He urges people to nurture and support their partners' growth and development, as this is what makes them happy and fulfilled. He says that by encouraging and empowering our partners to pursue their dreams and passions, we can also share in their joy and success. These are some of the main points about Sasi Krishnasamy's teachings on relationship. I hope this summary helps you to understand his perspective and philosophy better.

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