Sign Of My Breakthrough

It's March 21st. Everything seemed to be going just right and falling into place beautifully. I was young, I had a good job, my relationship seemed to be well, and I was finally moving out of my home, in which I had been isolating myself for years. I was relieved that after searching all morning and night, I had finally found a new home. I took a chance and showed up and the landlord introduced me to his family and they didn't hesitate to give me the scoop of the town either. The neighbors were all too nice and welcoming and left gifts on my porch. It was a pleasant experience. It's April 11th. It was time for a new scenery. That moment out of the city and into the country with your arms out the window and a breathtaking breeze of fresh air on your face, down an abandoned road lined with a tower of green on both sides. Ugh! I felt I was far away. Far away in a place of peace, opportunities, and smiles. I felt like one of those teens on an all-girls trip in one of those drama movies. I never thought I'd end up in a small town, taking long walks, cruising in a slow set. In the city, everything was always fast-paced, and try not to get me started on the competition between fashion and friendships. Every chance I got in the city, I hopped in my car and drove. I had slowly started to settle in and my three-year-old son adored the space and the many trips to the park. I had even started to play Pokemon Go. I was exactly two hours and thirty minutes from home and I had also received the news shortly before I moved that I'd be working remotely as well. No more brick and mortar but from now on in the comfort of my home. This would be my first time working from home and I couldn't be any happier in my life. That was drastically about to change. It's April 15th. Things may have been going just the way I wanted it to in my world but my partner was still struggling to settle in. We moved while he was unemployed and I had allowed him to use my car to go back and forth to our hometown doing temp work until he found local work. Soon enough he was able to work for a local moving company and he appeared to be happy and slowly but surely the idea of a team had slowly started to sink in, until later that night. When we moved, he'd given me the passwords to his social media to show that I could trust him. That night, I figured it was the perfect time to test that theory (but what I should've done was be ‘that girl' and snuck to see before the move). When I logged in, I wanted to melt. There's no exaggeration when I say the list as I scrolled was infinite and never-ending. I was disgusted and so filled with rage to know that he took my car to all these homes when he was supposed to be working to help out our family, then dared to deny it while I showed him the proof. I told him to get out and it only became uglier from there. It's May 5th. Everything happened so fast but I was slowly trying to get back on track, and put it all behind me like nothing happened, and keep my head up high. All I kept thinking was how much I thank God that my son wasn't around. It's unhinged how the world is filled with so many sadistic people who would paint a picture of you as the villain when they were the deranged character who needed help the entire plot. Once again, I had to depict someone in control and smile to physically make myself feel better. Only, things were about to get worse. I shortly received a call from my girlfriend saying she was laid off due to covid and soon enough I received the same call. Switching to remote was the first step but it still wasn't working out and they cleared the house, which didn't make any sense (oh, but it did). I thought I had everything together, but I had to doordash and reach out to Crisis for the first time. Eventually, after temporarily working myself, I finally secured a stable job again. Then along came a curious friend. He was very spiritual and talked about the symbolism of numbers and animals and what they mean in life when we see them. An eagle, freedom, the release of bondage, and the ability to rise above challenges. A swan, freedom, and a new beginning. 111, confidence, and new opportunities. 777, divine connection, and on the right path with a mission in tune with your purpose in life. I kept seeing these numbers and beautiful creatures a lot, lately, and for the first time in my life, I knew I was on the right track letting go of everything that was blinding me from receiving my true blessing yet to come and that it was time to come home. Sometimes, it's ok to stay in your comfort zone until life hands you lemons with a sign of assurance. It's January 16, 2024. I've been in the loveliest and most secure relationship for over 3 years now and I'm engaged with a great career still working from home while also pursuing my own business and we'll be tying the knot soon. I guess you'd say things fell in place beautifully this time. Don't you?


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