Something meaningful to me.

In this time of stress and laziness I want to deliver inspiration through this short story of mine to all those young students who are determined to put their minds to work to unravel the mysteries of the Universe around them. If an archaeologist spends his entire life studying a piece of land, he studies every piece of rock on it, and he does this with such dedication that he leaves all of the luxuries of life for it, his family, his friends, even his favorite food, just for the sake of scientific inquiry, to increase human knowledge, to fill the missing gaps in our understanding of our universe around us. And in doing so he losses 60 years of his life, and by the end of his career he discovers nothing! Nothing of any significance, every rock he has flipped tells him nothing, the decades he spends reading, writing, contemplating, leads to nothing. If this was the case for any other profession, his career would be considered a failed one. But not for him, he is a scientist! He has provided the most valuable service to the society of all. His work will build the foundation for a younger generation, they will not spend years trying to collect data he has already provided, nor try to prove or disprove something his work has already established rather they will venture forward into more uncertain areas of work. The same is true for every scientist in every field of work. Because “A SCIENTIST WORK NEVER GOES TO WASTE”, it either proofs something or proofs something. And that's meaningful to me, this makes me fearless of failure.

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