She knew it had to be tonight. Maybe not even wait until nightfall. Right when she got home? Nah, shower first. But tonight she would have him. She would mount him and just give it all she had. She was sick of waiting for him to come to her. At this rate, she would never have sex again. Taking action was her only choice now, as much as she hated having to take initiative in these matters. So what if her breath was foul. Most people had hallitosis anyway. Smling smugly, she sauntered up the steps to their apartment. She knew what she would find. TV on silent, him more interested in his phone than what was on, the cat laying in his lap. She unlocked the door, opened it and the apartment was empty. He wasn't there. His stuff was gone, futon cleaned off with new clean bedding and him no where to be found. She looked around frantically. “Donald?” she called. Why had he left? How? When? (well actually that was easy to answer. During work!) But that led back to why? There was no warning. He was just... gone. Great just when she had her nerve up enough to take control. Her eyes filled with angry tears. WHY WHY WHY? “So do you want to explain the squatter?” a female voice said behind her. Jessie whirled around to see her land lady waving a piece of paper in front of her. “You are hereby given notice,” the woman said in a high pitched, snoblike tone. Jessie, shook her head and wiped her eyes. “Notice?” She asked, her voice small and low. “To vacate! I would highly advise you find somewhere else to live fast! You have 72 hours to leave!” “Why am I being evicted?” “You broke your lease, Miss Rails,” the snob said. “What is your proof that he was living here?” “I have noticed him coming in on frequent occasions. Occasions when I knew you were at work or seeing you come in together and him not leaving when you did.” “There is a simple explanation for that. We are boyfriend/girlfriend.” “And the fact that... wait, what?” “Yea,” Jessie stated, blankly looking through the other woman. “We started seeing each other about 4 months ago as an actual couple. We have known each other much longer. He finally admitted his feelings for me one night and we became an item.” The other woman started to pale. The fact was Donald was squatting because as fate would have it he lost everything due to a poor gamble he made and would have been homeless if she hadn't let him stay. They had been seeing each other, but that was four years ago. But the land lady didn't need that information. “so he wasn't living with you?” “Nope,” Jessie said, tears running down her cheeks. Poor Don, she thought, he must be so scared right now. I wonder where he is. She kept her stare on the land lady. “He lives in an apartment downtown. When did you start noticing he was staying over a lot?” “To be honest, it wasn't actually me who saw. A few of your “helpful neighbors” noticed him coming and going and felt there was an issue.” “Well that just goes to show how nosy people are,” Jessie said. The land lady nodded, and looked down, her face red with embarrassment. Jessie walked up to the other woman and placed a hand on her shoulder. “Its okay, Cynthia,” she said, “I know you were only doing your job. But do you know which way he went? I was kind of “expecting” him to be here when I got home, for certain reasons.” Cynthia looked up and smiled a knowing smile. “Towards downtown, I suppose.” Jessie nodded. Hopefully she could find him before he got too far away. “Want me to help you look for him?” “I think its just better if I look for now, but thanks for the offer.” Cynthia smiled sadly. Jes hugged her. “Hey its okay, I know you were just doing your job. But next time the neighbors start “noticing” stuff, feel free to ask first. Makes things less awkward.” “Yea, I guess.” “How much did he take with him?” “As much as he could carry, I suppose. Why?” “Because the more he took, he wouldn't have gotten too far. I should be able to find him quick enough. Sorry about the nosy neighbors. People are always getting up into other people's beeswax because their own lives are so dull. But we will keep his visits to a minimum from now on.” “Okay,” Cynthia said, “and apologize for my rudeness towards him again. I had no idea what was going on.” “Oh I will let him know exactly what happened,” Jessie stated, the mischievous glint returning to her eyes. Her growing smile revealed everything Cynthia needed to know. “I'll leave you to it then.” With that she closed the door. Jessie pulled out her phone, finally noticing the exceptional amount of texts. They ranged from “HELP!” to “I hope you aren't homeless now too...” She nearly cried at that one... realizing he truly cared about her even if their intamcy was non existant. Quickly composing herself, she texted how she dealt with the problem and that she wanted to know how to find him. “Not far," was the response.

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