Tension(when a cosequence of prosastination)

more an excuse than a problem an emotion more hypothetical than myths and more manipulative than a mother,has the ability to make you believe in imaginary and lose faith in reality.in a nutshell it makes a deadline seem ephemeral and a dead end inevitable. It is a force that guides you the night before exam to cram in the limited light,fight with all might and pray for your miserable plight. Tension is a teacher who preaches time is unlimited like doraemon ,but lacks the reasoning to justify its anecdote it forces things to the last nanosecond makes the employee work fast and the employer furious, Makes a work for months adjust in hours because we believe there is an image of ours to "banai rakhna"(maintain in front of lukewarm people). Positively it makes you work hard but obviously make you worry hard as well.it is a mechanism for delivery of what is available than what is the best possible. It is often associated with the loud thumping of the heart but with reduction in time grows to asthma and paralization. it isn't a wonderful feeling but does wonders, inculcates speed faster than flash and laws beyond physics as the calm world around you becomes a terror zone with the motto do or die.In the mind of a believer of the spirit of procrastination, it makes life exciting as we experience new events and act spontaneously, but what is forgotten is that critical analysis is no more considered a need and it has become an accessory,those who possess it now become a statue of awe. With the increase in the number of atheists in world there is a proportional rise of believers in unproductivity who believe that preparation isn't a necessity.it is a confusing feeling that begins with over confidence followed by low confidence. Individuals have begun to abundantly prove the word's existence and say its normal to to be tensed.explain this weird feeling with a million words, similes, metaphors but mostly has one simple avoidable cause that mankind choose to accept and refuses to change as we believe in comfort and support irrationality. lastly, many procrastinators tend to make themselves brainwash themselves to believe that the most unimportant tasks(at that particular moment in time) may be life changing, i would agree, a change for the worse. Over longtime of cultivating this sweet temporary pleasure you soon taste the diabetic fruit of regret, its fine as long as you are fine with just existing,not making a difference but #YOLO. It is never too late and obviously never early to do something productive,starting now would be right as you dont know how much time is left....or at least find a hobby. The author WAS the unofficially acclaimed representative of a procastinating and tensed individuals, time belongs to a person who thinks rather than one who is capable only to blink.

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