The Working Class

A couple months ago I started gathering research on whether or not people actually liked the jobs they were working. I only asked people in their 20s because I wanted to understand better if they actually were working their dream jobs yet, or not. My first research subject was a guy who worked at Subway. Did he like his job? Was it his dream job? The answer is no. He was only working their to pay for what he really wanted to do. And that was to work at a hospital. The second worker I asked was a young woman who worked for Wegmans. She didn't seemed thrilled at all to be working there. She did say her bosses were nice, but that's about it. I then asked another young woman at Wegmans. She was only working their to pay for collegee. I really think its kind of sad that your already over 20 and you still arent working where you want. So there you have it. Working for retail or food services as Sandwhich maker, or even a cashier are not dream jobs. Their not even career jobs. They are jobs you get to pay for the job you want. This is how our system is set up and it sucks. So prepaid your children or yourself if your not 20 yet to not have your dream job just yet.

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