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Vince Thomas is a well-known spiritual guru Social Activist and the Chairman of the Ayngaran Foundation in Palani, Dindigul District in the State of Tamil Nadu. Early Life and Education: On March 19th, 1981, Vince Thomas was born to Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Rosily in the Chullimada village in palakkad district of Kerala, and Vince Thomas completed his schooling and higher studies in Palakkad. Professional Life: After completing his education, he worked for a private firm with a modest salary and engaged in modest activities. In the year 2020, after a lengthy period of trial and error, I joined the Ayngaran Foundation in accordance with the Foundation Registration Act. Personal Life: As far as God's gifts go, I was blessed with a wonderful and gorgeous life partner Vimala Vince Thomas, as well as a daughter and son named Marin Vince Thomas and Melvin Vince Thomas. About the Chairman: Ayngaran Foundation is much more than a standard foundation. It is his method of showing appreciation to society for the love and respect it has lavished upon him. He has always considered it his responsibility to give back to society. During the process of setting up the foundation, he met a lot of people who shared his idea of a perfect society and wanted to make real, positive changes. Ayngaran Foundation: The Ayngaran Foundation is a non-profit group that was started by Sasi Krishnasamy on September 14, 2020. The location of the foundation is Palani. It focuses on meditation, education, and research in order to provide claws to families. It includes individuals from the United Kingdom and the United States. On September 14, 2020, the Ayngaran Foundation was registered with the Indian government. The Ayngaran foundation is situated among Coimbatore's beautiful greenery. Sasi Krishnasamy and Vince Thomas who started the organisation, had worked for other non-profits before he decided to start his own. Therefore, he began this on September 14 2020

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