Whose Fault is this ?

'life is a movie ' but what if you suddenly notice that you are the villain , sounds crazy , right ? but this is the truth if you look at it . From the starting what ever wrong happened was our fault , isn't it? some of you might not agree with this ,but try to think all the incidents of your life . sometimes you let people destroy your life , you know right , you let him destroy you , don't you agree? deep inside in our thought we all know from where it all went wrong . Not many will understand , you know it . You have suffered a lot .Its okay you see because if you know where you did wrong , our soul is here just to get all the experiences . It was a nightmare but wasn't that also a memory? . We don't understand what we haven't experienced . Many are stuck in their lives . There was just a decision wrong but it let you go all down hills , but who don't make wrong decisions . Did they really think what they said ? but you did a lot of overthinking . You want to be exposed , let the storm inside you turn into a flood and destroy everything, you feel like that ? But despite of all this do you really want to leave ? are you sure ? stay for a moment , see the stars , they are ours , if you stay or leave they will shine like this only , rude but true , so why don't just stay for a little longer, if the world was ending today isn't there anything you want to do , isn't there anyone you want to confess to ? don't you want to hug you parents , isn't there is anyone you are thankful to . Yes we have made many mistakes in this life and we will continue to make our life mess , we are a human , but why aren't we accept that, that anger inside you and me is killing us , yes it was our fault , somewhere we also did wrong ! go one your terrace and shout that loud . Cry your eyes out or pass out but accept what happened , don't forget but accept . even if it was a nightmare but it was ours ! you know it hurts and people will never understand but its alright don't wake up , because it yours just go and say sorry , hug or confess to someone you like or do whatever you want to do because from tomorrow on you are going to start a new life with the new personality , just go or may be you will regret it later just think about it , it cause no harm in thinking thank you for reading this! I m grateful , hope you have a wonderful life ! Don't forget to LIKE and COMMENT .. if you like this

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