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well , i m a high schooler and i love to write and draw . imagination is what matters for me the most , the reality which i dont find very pleasing do not hold any of my interest and i think what we are now makes us escape to a land where we became what we should be .

i will try and do my best to get success!

even tho i have a different meaning of success 😅


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Whose Fault is this ?

Feb 28, 2021 6 months ago

'life is a movie ' but what if you suddenly notice that you are the villain , sounds crazy , right ? but this is the truth if you look at it . From the starting what ever wrong happened was our fault , isn't it? some of you might not agree with this ,but try to think all the incidents of your life . sometimes you let people destroy your life , you know right , you let him destroy you , don't you agree? deep inside in our thought we all know from where it all went wrong . Not many will understand , you know it . You have suffered a lot .Its okay you see because if you know where you did wrong , our soul is here just to get all the experiences . It was a nightmare but wasn't that also a memory? . We don't understand what we haven't experienced . Many are stuck in their lives . There was just a decision wrong but it let you go all down hills , but who don't make wrong decisions . Did they really think what they said ? but you did a lot of overthinking . You want to be exposed , let the storm inside you turn into a flood and destroy everything, you feel like that ? But despite of all this do you really want to leave ? are you sure ? stay for a moment , see the stars , they are ours , if you stay or leave they will shine like this only , rude but true , so why don't just stay for a little longer, if the world was ending today isn't there anything you want to do , isn't there anyone you want to confess to ? don't you want to hug you parents , isn't there is anyone you are thankful to . Yes we have made many mistakes in this life and we will continue to make our life mess , we are a human , but why aren't we accept that, that anger inside you and me is killing us , yes it was our fault , somewhere we also did wrong ! go one your terrace and shout that loud . Cry your eyes out or pass out but accept what happened , don't forget but accept . even if it was a nightmare but it was ours ! you know it hurts and people will never understand but its alright don't wake up , because it yours just go and say sorry , hug or confess to someone you like or do whatever you want to do because from tomorrow on you are going to start a new life with the new personality , just go or may be you will regret it later just think about it , it cause no harm in thinking thank you for reading this! I m grateful , hope you have a wonderful life ! Don't forget to LIKE and COMMENT .. if you like this

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Sep 10, 2020 1 year ago

"The horror was visible on the face and the tears roll down to my cheeks , i know what happened , what i did but still i needed a confirmation a word , the word 'dead' . She was crying and speechless . I was on a hospital bed a king sized one or maybe i was so weak that i was shrinking , the ceiling lights or what ever people call it were way too much bright for my nearly closed eyes or i should rather blame my 9 hours sleep for that , the last peaceful sleep i got , I was breathless , senseless and lost , in so much pain , once it was in my body but them I can feel it reaches my mind , my subconsciousness . then I asked for James they said he is alive for now , doctors were not sure , as I was listening to my mother explaining things I was drowning at that very place , suffocated , frustrated , it was hard to breath my eyes refused to hold on any longer , i could heard the scream of my mother and my father calling the doctors . and then everything was faded away . I was discharged form hospital after several days but now there was no point of it , no point of living , the sense of being dead inside had taken all over me . I was unable to attend her funeral , she died because of me ,because of my stupidity. I m such a pathetic human , i don't think that I do even have a right to call me one . firstly i forced my parents to send on a nonsense picnic and then uses my trump card to get the permission to return in the car of James who just learned to drive , they were scared everyone was but i was a cool enough teenager to deny all that care and concern . i dragged her into that hell with me , Sana was a innocent one . In 6 minutes of James driving we met an accident with a blue car or maybe ..... I don't know everything was red after that , red , yellow and then black . even at that time she was holding my hand the grip was too tight like she was refusing her leave , she wanted to stay. He warned i ignored , she refused i forced , she died i m alone and now here i m in a room , with a thug , i was dying and he saved me just to kill me ! god what is life ? " a living hell?" "totally agreed " "when are you planning to kill me ?" "have you suffered a lot ? " " not actually i made people suffer for what i did " "well not any sooner then " he smiled , i hated it "did you visits her grave , frequently " "frequently you say , not in years , never " "by the way , what happened with you ?what you did ? " " so are we going to play this ' whats your story' game until we get out of here ? and look you are very certain that i did something ' what you did ' ,huh ? i like that " he whispered under his breath " i murdered someone ...." PLZ LIKE AND COMMENT !!!!



Aug 26, 2020 1 year ago

This is surprising how a single things can disappoint you to this extent ? these online classes are getting annoying day by day . what teachers think we are doing ? its not like we are enjoying this time . we literally spend more than 6 hours in the front of screen thanks to our education system , are the even concerned about us , 2 weeks of the months are for exams , with classes and assignments and online competitions where we HAVE TO PARTICIPATE . what the ....? . all exams in a week or more than as some of our teachers love to take test twice . Saturday was supposed to be the last day of my exams but NO because my math sir suddenly wants to take the exam again . like seriously want the hell . and they want us to be creative , like we have time to do anything else except your assignments ! Sunday is not a fun day , we have extra classes . school was fun ! but this is torture . they are making us mentally sick ! i had made list of thing i have to do and trust me it is not ending ,just daily one or more things keep on adding . and the most frustrating thing is that 75% things we HAVE TO DO {acc to our teachers} is nonsense , like every time i ask the same ques ' what is the point of doing this ? ' it would be a l relief ,if someone will answer that.

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Today the government of india takes the most idotic decision it can take . We all are familiar with the situation we are suffering from . In a pandemic where to create social distancing we were locked in our houses for like 3 months and now government of India declined to postpone national level exams (JEE /NEET) the values of exam over life of students . This was very unexpected and shocking . Gather 25 lakh students will danger not only the life of the students but also their families and what about the students who are suffering from chronica disease ,if something happen to their family members or to the student will the government take responsibility for it ? In fact my sister is appearing for NEET and have chronic disease if something goes wrong who will be under the blame ? Our honourable PM , Modi ji? Denying the demands of students and ignoring the concern for their healths, the Gov has proved how reckless they are . Shameful! We are not asking to cancel the exam, just asking to postpone it . 22 students In 3 days committed suicide after the supreme court leave the decision to the Gov and Gov? They dont give a damn and WHO predicted that in September india will have 1 lakh cases per day ! , we will be on the peak of corona cases . And these exams will be held on 1 week of September and on 13 September . Moreover there is a flood conditions in many states of india . How we are supposed to reach our centers by flying? . We still have hope . Please support us on Twitter. Please it's a humble request . Make our deaf and blind government realize that life matters more than any exam .🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Education system

Aug 21, 2020 1 year ago

i dont know who to blame our idiotic education system our the pandemic . even tho it just make the situation worst for the students. once in my online class my teacher said ' you know you are really free these days why dont you use your Leisure time in doing something productive '. REALLY like .....really . This pissed me off . Just imagine you are really working hard and them your boss says 'man, you look really free these days ' . i m in high school ,in 12th grade , in short i m in last year of my schooling. this year is always hectic as we have monthly , weekly exam , periodic exams and this year is also board year [ if you are a Indian then you are surely know this ,but if you want me to explain then i will ] . in Indian education system there is no place for creativity . from the time i was in 9th grade the art and craft seems a proper time waste . this is not what we think but this is what our school makes us believe in . its time for exams or what we called so called ' exam season'

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