Yng Tsina ampopa ing Rusya (China and Russia) (Chapter 6-9) (Part 2 of 3)

Yng Tsina ampopa ing Rusya (China and Russia) (Chapter 6-9) (Part 2 of 3) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Limited Physical Properties of my sculptures VII. My Mitsubishi Sedan VIII. Territorial Dispute IX. West Philippine Sea --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VI. Limited Physical Properties of My Sculpture The main medium of my sculptures are, Metal cables, And wires, I use copper, Aluminum, Galvanized iron, And steel. And then- I apply paint, I give them life! I use automotive paint, They are not just for indoor, My sculptures are also resistant to - Both wet and cry seasons, They can be on out doors. Since I was acquainted with the World Wide Web, I always had this digital spider sense that- There's no such things as permanent. Whether I like it or not, All the sculptures that I made, I will just be counting a couple of decades, Centuries perhaps, All of them will be deformed, With faded metallic industrial colors. When they are not taken care of, With no restoration, Were crushed intentionally, By nature and humans alike, My mind starts to have a dark- and melancholic imagination. VII. My Mitsubishi Sedan I will be getting my sculpture now, I will use my old mechanical carriage sedan, She is a dusted gray Mitsubishi GLXI, 1997 G.L.X.I model, Grand Luxury eXtra (fuel-) Injection. She has a young mechanical pumping heart, She has a total flight of 93,000 kilometers- Unlike her younger 19-year old Mazda 3 2003 sister, I rode with her too, much faster than her older sister, With more intense robotic palpitations, Compared to her older Mitsubishi sister. Anything that is Japanese-made, We have no doubt, Are all mirrored-Japanese culture- They are slick in quality, Asian classy. Just like the Flotsam and Jetsam, All sorts of things- I purchase occasionally, At Japanese surplus stores nearby. For our Japanese friends- those are mere Solid Wastes. But to us Filipinos- those are not rubbish. For us Filipinos- Those are still worth the price. Compared to the New but cheap- Mass produced commercial goods. Almost all of them- Are Pirates and Copy Cats. Proliferating, A never-ending Trade battle worldwide. I am proud with my 25-year old Mitsubishi Sedan, Whenever We have a trip, Usually city drive, Short distance. I imagine that I too have a 25-year old heart, I daydream, While driving- That She is a Mitsubishi F2- A Japanese multi-role Jet Fighter. VIII. Territorial Dispute It is almost March, Good thing it reminded me that- I must retrieve my other sculpture now. I just had these introspective thoughts, Why do I have a couple of works based on battles and fight? There is nothing weird and not much sinister about it- My thoughts – Digitally Conclude. Online gamers with skirmish plots, Spectators that gamble at cockfights & at boxing matches, Films with Violence as the main ingredient. My sculptures- Mostly inspired by various Mythologies, Every mythology has its own war history. Odd curiosity plus normal Thanatos' drive, For which all of us have, I started feeding this drive 21 years ago, It was January 2001, When I start plunging and- Surfing in the World Wide Web, The year I started working- As a Public servant- In a Philippine Government. The mandate of our Agency deals with the country's Natural Resources, My odd curiosity, Unseparated by my Thanatos' drive, And as Maestro Ral Arrogante says, “Artists…. Are conscious in the Battle of Space”. IX. West Philippine Sea Of me- Being a disciple of the Arts & Sciences, I have regular mental flashbacks of my previous artworks, Other than sculptures, paintings and studies- I also did a series of Public Art Installation, Which pertains to our Maritime Territory, The Realm of “HABAGAT”. Our ancient North West Wind/ The South China Sea/ The West Philippine Sea/ And surely, “HABAGAT” will disagree, On the ridiculous 9 Dash Line. I did a series of outdoor Art installations, T'was all about the West Philippine Sea. I also did a Performance Art, I spray painted an Improvised Starred-Red flag- As part of our Band's performance. Letting out the curious Thanatos personality, Trans mutating them into visible matter- Satisfies me. This is how my system works, This is how I tell my standpoints, Of me- Being a disciple of the Arts & Sciences, Visually: I humbly say – For me, It is effective.

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