a magicail purple unicorn trying to survie life to later conquer


Born in December i became found of music and singing at a very young age. Always singing and dancing, I remember all my imaginary were dancers and i was the chorographer. Singing

little made up songs all time no one could stop me from singing!



a very

actived outside sitting on the steps as much as i could with my friends even so i still loved TV always watching SpongeBob and fairy odd parents i can remember so many weekends i stayed up watching TV in my parents room because my TV was a cute little Minnie mouse TV that only played movies that being said i had PLENYTY of DvD most of which i still have i grew up watching Disney loving all the princesses my favorite being Mulan what i didn't know at the time was i liked her so much because of the inner feminist in me which i took on later but the movie the always put me in awe was the little mermaid i rewatched this movie so many times as a kid i just fond of the idea of doing the unthinkable for a chance at love growing up i was very blessed i got plenty of toys and things tat i wanted and needed more than needed but around middle school is were things toke a turn i had depressing thoughts and felt extremely unhappy with life middle school was for sure three challenging ears for me and i could back i would change it all


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