Brandon Larson

Autistic Strong Life and happy life

Ankeny, United States

Hi, my name is Brandon! I'm 19 and have autism so I like to do poetry to help get a stronger mind and have something to be proud about!

The Warmth of the Garden

Dec 14, 2023 6 months ago

In the garden where dreams softly grow, There blooms a tale of love aglow, A whisper woven in moments spun, Of hearts entwined beneath the sun. Two souls, like rivers, found their way, Mingling in the dance of night and day, In eyes that held a universe vast, Their story etched, an eternal cast. Through laughter shared and tears embraced, In each other's warmth, a sacred space, They weathered storms, hand in hand, Building a haven on love's sweet land. In whispered words and gentle touch, They found solace, oh, so much, A symphony played in their hearts' accord, A love so true, undeniably adored. As time waltzed on in graceful flight, Their love deepened, shining bright, A legacy painted in hues divine, An eternal flame that continues to shine. Oh, how their love, a masterpiece, A canvas filled with joy and peace, A tale that stirs the soul to weep, In awe of love, profound and deep. So, let tears flow, let hearts embrace, This love, a beacon, a hallowed grace, A tale of two, a bond so true, Forever etched in skies of blue. May this story touch your heart, In its essence, never to depart, A testament to love's purest art, That kindles hope in every part.

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