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Let me into your heart.

Jul 26, 2023 11 months ago

I admired the young man as he knocked on my door through the kitchen curtains. It's not every day that a pretty boy knocks on your door at night, let alone a famous detective. The man at the door was no other than Edward Halls. The world's youngest prodigy, who grew to be the greatest detective of all time by the age of 21 on an international scale, also, my high school sweetheart. "Lilith? Sorry to bother you. Is anyone home?" a lovely voice spoke called out from the other side of the door, snapping me out of my thoughts. Thank god he snapped me out, otherwise, these bacon and omelets were gonna burn. "I'm coming!" I yelled out to the unexpected guest as I made my way to the door, wiping my hands on my apron by habit. "What do You want from me, Edward?" "I wished to see you, you don't want me here?" By the tone of his voice, he seemed troubled. "Maybe I don't want you here.." I turned around, hand crossed behind me, leaning against the door. "I know you're lying, Lilith. Please, let me in." He spoke softly, patiently standing outside of my cottage. "I'm...afraid of letting you in again." A moment of silence passed before I heard him slide against the door. "I'll just stay here, till you feel less afraid." His words struck a cord within me, It made me miss his warmth, and all the sweet nothings that left his lips as he comforted me after the murder of my father. "I'll always be there for you, till you're ready to face your heart again, till you're ready to love again. I'll always be there waiting for you to let me in." His words were sickly sweet and so was his voice, I could listen to him speak all day and I'd never get tired, I wanted to see his face and feel his warmth, I wanted to let him in so bad. I stood in front of the door, my hands slowly reaching for the doorknob before stopping mid-air. "I'm afraid of love, but I...I will let you in." I twisted the doorknob just to see Edward on both feet in front of me. The captivating moonlight shone on his face, he changed compared to when I saw him years ago back when he was 17. He had an expensive suit and tight on, he held a beautiful bouquet of white tulip flowers, along with a couple of red roses here and there. His black hair was slightly curly, his body was bigger, taller, and stronger. I was genuinely taken aback so much that I had to take a step back and admire him. "So, will you let me in really?" He asked me, a soft smile painting his face. A smile so warm it got to my heart. "Please, make yourself comfortable." I stood to the side of the door, extending my hand to invite him in. When he stepped in, he turned to me and gave me the flowers. I took them in my hands, admiring how beautiful they are. They say white tulips present peace and serenity, meanwhile, red roses represent love and romance. He sat on the couch, and I sat on the opposite side of him. My house was small, so the distance between us wasn't that big. A comfortable silence settled in, as I looked outside of the window peacefully. However, Edward turned his attention to me, admiring me for a while before breaking the silence. "Did you read the letters I sent to you weekly?" He asked me,sparking a conversation between us. "I didn't. Why would I?" I avoided looking into his eyes since I knew he could see right through me. I was an open book to him, and he liked to read. "Still bad at lying, aren't we?" He chuckled for a moment before he leaned in closer to me. "Why are you so afraid of Love, Lilith?" Edward tilted his head, he was leaning closer to me from the opposite side of the couch, with his legs open and his arms resting on them. "Are you afraid to open up after what your dad did?" He asked me catching me completely off-guard. "You know I would never walk out on you, love." He stood up and a few steps closer to me. "I will always be there for you, I can make your pain better," Edward spoke in a hushed tone, getting down on his knees with his hands on my lap. "I know you love me, I only need to hear you say it." When my gaze met his own, I finally noticed his tear-stained face. What have I done? I was dragging this man along all these years but I never admitted to loving him as much as he loved me. "I..." My voice died down. I was afraid of getting attached, but it was too late. I was always afraid of waking up and not finding his letter under my door every Monday. I longed for him and wanted him near me. But I was afraid of love, I was afraid of him leaving me and walking out on me, but here he was, crying into my lap begging for me to love him and let him into my heart. I couldn't help but cry as well. "You?.." He looked up to me and smiled getting closer to my face, his teeth shining the same way his tears did. "I love you, Edward!" Tears streamed down my face as I finally pulled him closer into a hug. "I've always loved you, Edward.." I cried into his chest as he held me passionately, crying into my shoulder. "I love you too, Lilith."

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