Writer and photographer

Chennai, India

I like to try interesting things like lucid dreaming, mirror writing, thermos cooking, and building improvised things like crystal radios and telescopes.


My Love

Feb 11, 2024 3 months ago

When you are the sun, I am the moon. The space is our stage, Our audience is the Earth. Where you are the heroine, And I am the hero. You are the source that illuminates me, Without you, I am nothing more than a normal rock. I may be closer to our audience, But without you, they cannot exist. As we dance around the earth, It gets emotional and cries like a child, creating the oceans. The oceans also have their highs and lows because of us. Sometimes the Earth gets jealous of us, And comes between us, Which makes me angry and makes me turn red. Our audience will see my different phases As I revolve around them and While they revolve around you.

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School memories

Jan 23, 2024 3 months ago

The day before the annual day function at my school, all the students were asked to wear the school uniform. After coming home, I listened to some music through the crystal radio (which I had built using a few inexpensive items). I switched stations and was informed that Jupiter would be visible today. So, I went outside, taking with me the homemade reflecting telescope that I had built the previous weekend. I was fortunate enough to see Jupiter and the rings of Saturn. The next day, I went to school wearing the uniform, but I was stupefied when I saw that nobody else was wearing the uniform. Eventually, I learned that the teachers were solely educating us about the school rules, but they were aware that no one would be wearing the uniform. Since I have autism and was an introvert without any friends at that time, I obviously didn't know that everyone else would be wearing casual dress. As I entered the school, everybody stared at me and I felt very uncomfortable. Then one of my classmates came towards me and asked why I was wearing the school uniform. The word "uniform" kept resonating in my mind, and suddenly, at that moment, a thought materialized. I replied, "But nobody else is wearing the uniform today, so look around you. It is no longer a uniform, at least not for today." And then everyone smiled at me. This incident happened during my 10th standard annual day function when I was 14 years old.

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