The Tryout

Sep 16, 2019 4 years ago

Playing volleyball has always been a hobby that I love. I never expected to be where I am today by what used to be just a fun past time. I had to remember through all this that one can accomplish anything if they believe in their self. It all started the August before my freshman year in high school. On one average Tuesday morning, I found out one piece of information that would change the course of my life. First, I walked into the main gym, at Boswell High School, and quickly noticed that all the varsity girls swiftly glancing at me then quickly turning away. At that very moment I knew something was off, although I was scared, I kept going on with the day. Then, the tryouts began. Usually, there are three courts, one for varsity, one for JV, and one for freshman. Out of habit I began to walk to the west gym where the freshman usually were. Suddenly, a loud voice screeched “Caitlyn, come over here!” I quickly jogged over to the coach and he told me “Toady you will be with my varsity team.” As terrified as I was, I replied with a simple “Yes, coach.” As I walked over to the varsity court, I heard 12 other voices fill the room. As the drill began, I felt as if one thousand butterflies flew into my stomach. You could even say that one could feel the tension from a mile away. “She can't hang with us”, “Why is that freshman here?”, were the statements that were filling the air. Suddenly, the drill was underway. After an hour went by the tryout was finally over. Finally, right before I went to change and go home, a familiar voice called my name once again. The next seven words that were said changed the course of my life. Coach Lopez had offered me a spot on the varsity volleyball team. This had been my dream for years, and it had finally come true. I had finally realized that all of this wasn't just about a game, it was about how people are always going to try to push you down, but you just must get back up and preserver though the negative people that stand in your way. Overall this is by far the most memorable moment in my life, and one of the biggest obstacles I had overcome. Although, people had doubted me, I broke through the obstacles and achieved my goal.

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