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Time management

Jan 30, 2024 5 months ago

I wonder when people say that, time is uncontrollable, and they even can not manage the time that they are given, c'mon it's not impossible, i would like to open some secrets of time and try to take you to the world of time! Last year I experienced a lack of time as an student, because i always had a hectic schedule. I worked as a teacher, studied two subjects, did my household chores, and sometimes cooked. When i realised that it's too much for me i decided to take a break. Unfortunately to my utter surprise my break was pointless. It didn't matter how long i took a break: 1 month,2 monthes i always get tired of everything without doing anything. It continuesly lead me to the deepest bottom of depression. No matter what i tried I've always been in the same mood, always tired, and alwas with my so-called friends “eye bags”. I thought that it will end by the time goes, but i didn't even realised how badly i was wrong. Time didn't cure our wounds it didn't find a solution to our problems, you know what it does actually? It just make us to lose our passion for our wounds and problems if we didn't take any action.You can think it's positive, but no it could turn us to the hopeless human. Only dead people have no problems, only them. Remember we are, and you are alive! And you have millions of chances, choices, desires and everything you what. To achieve this you should just clean your mind! So easy right? We should end the war inside us. So this is my story how i managed to control the time. As i said before i was in depression, i don't know how was it, what it was like but i can describe it in one word “hopeless”. Suddenly i relised that nothing is forever! I made up my mind, i indoctrinated that i should move on. My first subject was math. I hated it really. But it helped me to calculate my chance. In one day i had 1440 minutes. I managed it, i controlled it, i manipulated my time. You know, that every single thing depends on our mind. I said that it would take only 1 hour(60 minutes) to do mathematics, and it worked, then allocated 3 hours(180 minutes) for the new theme, it worked! My second subject was English, 2 hours (120 minutes)for homework, and 2 hours(120 minutes) for new theme. I spend 8 hours(480 minutes) to study in a one day. I worked as a second teacher, and it took only 1 hour(60 minutes) of my day. To be precise i woke up at 7 a.m did my 8 hours- longed(480 minutes) study, ended at 3p.m then i had extra 3 hours(180 minutes) for doing other things, from 6p.m till 7 p.m i went to my job, i had 3 hours (180 minutes)to relax, and at 10 p.m i slept. Can you image i did everything! Everything that seemed to be impossible for me, even with this hectic schedule i found extra 6 hours(360 minutes) to do the other non-important things. You can say that you have a busier schedule, but you can control it! Everything has a simple solution. Just made up your mind! Come on you can do it! It's your demons that are telling you to stop! Don't listen them, do the thing that you desire! I used to listen that time is ruthless. No it's not! Time is in your hands, no one can steal it from you, only you are the real owner of it, you can manage it, manipulate it and you can steal it from yourself. So forgive time forgive yourself for no acting, and start doing what you want, just find a single minute for it, to escape a regret! With respect: Dilorom

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Psychology of love

Jan 30, 2024 5 months ago

First of all i want to explain my language of love and my view on it.\n\nLove? What is love? How we fall in love? And why we desire our feelings to be mutual. Struggling, shattering and suffering? So why we choose these ways while we can just live and breath. Isn't it enough for us?\n\nPeople choose love but i choose war! Why? Because it's more interesting it's more appealing. We choose war instead of living a peaceful life or just be loved by someone who is in love with us. Why most of the girls love \u201cbad guys\u201d? Isn't it dangerous? Why we choose it and choose a war inside us? You know what, girls always want someone who is stronger, caring, and introverted one who has only one or two friends. We want boys to be obsessed. We want to manipulate, we want obsession, we want psychic love. Is it so difficult? This is war, war between eyes between hearts. Jealousy is the most sweetest feeling and the most fatal feeling at the same time. It was the main cause for the most of the couples. In relationship boys must be a dominant, and they must experience a posessive jealous. It makes girls happier and help and them to understand that they are important and an only one for them.\n\nThis is ok, but how can we deal with the words of Pushkin \253\u043c\u044b \u043b\u044e\u0431\u0438\u043c \u0442\u0435\u0445 \u043a\u0442\u043e \u043d\u0430\u0441 \u043d\u0435 \u043b\u044e\u0431\u0438\u0442 \u043c\u044b \u0433\u0443\u0431\u0438\u043c \u0442\u0435\u0445 \u043a\u0442\u043e \u0432 \u043d\u0430\u0441 \u0432\u043b\u044e\u0431\u043b\u0435\u043d\273 which means \u201c we love people who don't love us, we destroy people who are in love with us\u201d . Is this a rule of love? Why always it is the same? Why we can just fall in love who is already in love with us? Why we want an admit of someone who can' t see our beauty our secrets and our demons?

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