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About benefits of coronavirus

Jul 28, 2020 2 years ago

Life... It is as if the word encompasses the whole being. Actually? Is that really so? Is it such a great thing? Why is it given to man? How to spend it? Lots of questions ... But what about the answers? What is missing in man to determine all this? Experience, knowledge, wealth ... What? Maybe man will never understand this ?! No, it is not. There is one thing in general — problems. I think the problem is something that nurtures a person spiritually, mentally, and intellectually, and serves as an important criterion in some sense, reminding them when the time comes to teach them what the meaning of life is and to value everything. Now think about it, what is the biggest problem in the recent past? Let me answer for myself. Because no doubt most people have the same answer. So this is the coronavirus that has been the main topic of the day in countries around the world for 7 months and has had a significant impact on the lives of more than 7 billion people. You see, what the invisible is capable of. Even this catastrophe has caused terrible damage to the economies of large countries. But I'm not going to talk about the damage Covid-19 has done right now. Because it has already become a boring topic. I now want to talk about the benefits that the coronavirus has brought to humanity. Because it also had its advantages, although it could not cover the damage. First and foremost, the coronavirus tells us how short our lives are and what we need to focus on. It also taught us what we should value, including time, life, youth, wealth, health, friends, parents, children, and more. It has shown how devastating this disease can be when people neglect cleanliness. And it should be noted that this catastrophe proved once again how powerful a force of solidarity is for humanity. So the coronavirus has become a good lesson to a world that is so modernized and so many important things are being forgotten. I think and hope that these lessons will help develop more perfect societies. You see how important the problems are.

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