Mohammad Zahidul Islam

Digital Marketer, Journalists, Copywriter

Feni, Bangladesh

I'm freelance writer and Vocal.media journalists. I live in Chhagalnaiya. Which is situated in Feni district in Bangladesh. I live with my family. We are three brother, and my mother live together. All of my friends are from the city too. Like many people who are residents of the town, my family also has migrated from Dhaka to come and settle here. I did my schooling in 12th in a college in the Dhaka city. Now I’m writing on a local daily news paper as a reporter.

Each person has different hobbies, and doing different things gives them joy. Reporter is something that gives me comfort and helps me relax. I tried freelance writing after my job. At first, it was a little stressful, but then I started learning more and more. Another thing that helps me relax is reading books. I started reading books when I was in school, and over the years, the habit is something that has helped me learn a lot.

While many people have dreams of becoming doctors and lawyers, I have always wanted to be a traveler. I don’t remember when I fell in love with traveling, but over the years, my passion for traveling has increased. Over the past few months, I have started living this dream, and it gives me so much joy.

There are many things I have to learn and want to learn. The first thing that I want to learn is cooking. The number of things I can make in the kitchen is limited. However, while making those things, I realize the happiness and satisfaction are get from cooking. One of the cuisines I want to learn correctly is Mexican. It’s a cuisine that I have started loving, and knowing how to cook dishes in the kitchen will make me happy.

Almost everyone is kind at least one sport. The one competition that I am good at is basketball. In my school, almost everyone had an obsession with the sport, and so did I. Every game period, my teacher would make us play basketball, along with other games. Over the years, the way I played basketball improved, and while learning the game, I discovered other lessons as well. One of the lessons I’ve learned is how to play in a team. When you play in a group, you depend on each other for winning.

I have always been energetic and lively. While many people feel awkward and weird, making me friends, I have no problems with making new friends. I can talk to everyone quickly and know them.

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According to research, there are 19 million Americans at risk of hearing loss because of noise exposure at their jobs. The World Health Organization describes noise-induced hearing loss as one of the most common occupational health problems worldwide. Our hearing is precious, so it's time to step up and protect it. The Quest website is organized into five areas: Quest Radio, Quest TV, Quest Articles, Quest Blog, and Quest Resource. Quest Articles is a collection of science and medical science. Coronavirus is an ancient disease (History). What do you do if a deadly pandemic spreads through the world, changing economies and governments? It's like asking the American colonies what would have done after the first shots were fired at Lexington and Concord. Some will argue that the answer is to ignore the outbreak. If all it takes is a government to turn its back on you for a week, the virus will be gone in less than a month, they say. But if someone with a military capability attacks you, don't say it wasn't worth it. While the world reacts to the ongoing pandemic, this is a time to look back and see why it's hard for the public to grasp when a government steps in and starts to take things over. A good starting point is to examine the basic history of coronavirus and why a virus with a history of spreading through humans for decades suddenly takes off and spreads far around the globe. The Virus With No Coronavirus Name You can thank an English virologist for the modern name of the virus that causes COVID-19. Though he was named it “severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2” in 2003. It's the disease that is now spreading around the globe. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, as you may know, was the name of a worldwide epidemic that started in the spring of 2002 and reached its highest peak in 2004. The disease was caused by one of three coronaviruses (SARS-CoV-1, SARS-CoV-2, and SARS-CoV-3). The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is the second of the three and first came at the end of 2019. How coronavirus works is to enter the body through the mouth or nose — or through the eye, if they are very small — and to replicate with the help of respiratory cells. This is mainly spread through coughing and sneezing. It can also spread through close contact. In 2003, almost a third of people with COVID-19 were first-time cases. That number is now almost two-thirds. The first outbreak of COVID-19 was in 2003. The second one happened in December 2019. And, as of March 16, 2020, the number of fatalities is around 75,000, which means the virus has had a long time on earth than some. 14 days fight with covid-19 in a clinic! I am going to go straight to the point: I am 28 years old, I don't get sick, and I did not go to see a doctor until last week. My symptoms started in February of this year, since I feel weak, weakly all over, I have been fevering for two days at a time, my body has been exhausted for so long, and then this past week I had to fight for my life when I could not breathe. The doctor finally understood my symptoms and she said I had my life in danger and should go to the emergency. At that moment I realized that I was very sick. They tried to calm me down for a while, and they asked to put me in quarantine for 4 days, but I refused, as I do not believe anymore in the medical staff to take care of my life. I was forced to go home without what I wanted, and I spent 4 days at home without a doctor's care. The only thing that helped me from collapsing was to take so many cold showers and stop exercising. I have not been able to do normal things, I have not been eating, I have been fasting because I wanted to save my body, and I am very exhausted, but after 2 days I felt really hungry, and that's a big problem for me because last week I just eat like a pig, without even thinking much about it… My family could not understand why I was doing so, I did not eat at all for those 4 days, but I would lose sleep every night, as I could not sleep without waking up with coughing fits. Finally, they told me that I should try to sleep at least 4 hours, but I just did not know what that was. Now finally I am in a real hospital. I still feel weak but I have a better heart. It was not a life-threatening situation but was very stressful and frustrating. When I arrived I was diagnosed as COVID-19 positive. At first, I cried, there was so much frustration, but after I took a break I looked in the mirror and was grateful for what I have managed to save my life. The doctor also said that I don't have to be afraid anymore and that everything must be done to save my life, and that life is precious, and I need to be strong by all means. At that moment I felt that I will try again everything this week to have a faster recovery.

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