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Creative Writer, Entrepreneur, Author, Artist, Poet.

Hamilton, Canada

Merry Christmas 2019 to All of You. May all your wishes come true! I wish you much luck and prosperity for the New Year 2020! Take care of yourself and each other!

Coming Soon, Presenting: Viktor. He's a sexy vampire who just wants a normal life. Can He get one? Find Viktor on the Friesen Press bookstore and eBooks this coming March 2020. He'll make you want him!

Are you someone stuck with writers block? Or maybe you just need someone to start the story so you can finish it? I'm here to help. My name is Julie and I'm here to help you create the story you always dreamed you could write. With a few simple words, I'll create your story beginning and all you have to do is finish the story. Your small fee will allow me to work on your two chapters for two full weeks! You'll receive your copy on a USB stick so that you can carry on writing. For details and fee requirements please email me. Thank you for your time.

In the new year, I will be posting some of my newest work to share with you for your enjoyment.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

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The book is almost ready!!!

Jan 07, 2020 4 years ago

Wow everyone, the book is almost ready and I am very excited! I cannot wait to see my book in a complete book format! I am very excited and can't wait! Here is my Landing page for Viktor! Hope you like it?! Julie Ann :) https://julietrentin.weebly.com/

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Book Cover for your enjoyment

Dec 21, 2019 4 years ago

Here is the beautiful book cover that Friesen press created for Viktor. Isn't it awesome?! I love it! I hope you like it too!

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My Book is coming along!!

Dec 21, 2019 4 years ago

Woo-hoo Ladies and Gentlemen! My book Viktor is coming along really well and I am pleased to say that I filled out the copyright registration forms today and I am very excited. My final proofs are in and I am thrilled about that too! It's been an amazing time. Of course I have paid for this book to be published and I am happy so far with the work progress. It's always an amazing moment when you can do something for yourself. The rewards are wonderful. Especially when you can use your gifts to create what you want to be apart of your life's legacy. Your life's work. I cannot tell you the value publishing Viktor is giving me. It's unexplainable and so rewarding. I wish everyone could experience what I have these past months. Especially when you have a great team of experts working with you to create your dream come true. Friesen Press has done this for me. Turning my work into a real book has been an incredible journey so far. Remember to write what you see and feel and know when to share those lines and you'll create the story of your dreams! I promise!! Just imagine and dream away. Well, that's all for today folks! Check out my blog at worksofjulie.blogspot.com for helpful tips to get you writing in no time! Take care! :) Julie Ann

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Coming Soon Landing Page

Dec 18, 2019 4 years ago

Hello Folks! Well just the other day, Friesen Press did the "Coming Soon" Landing page for Viktor. This is very cool! It looks nice and I'm excited to have it. I will be posting it here very soon. Please pass my good wishes on to your neighbors and friends and please come back and look at my landing page! it's a fun moment I can share with all of you. Well, Merry Christmas and have a great time. Talk to you soon! Julie Ann

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Hello Everyone! I am so excited to tell you about my book. It will be released in February 2020! This is a sexy novel about a young vampire who lusts for a normal life. The sexy and naughty Aphylons of his societies are waiting to take a naughty bite out of YOU! Then, his lineage is threatened and he must fight the evil to save it. This dream come true is totally amazing! Friesen Press has made this journey a most memorable one. Oh this is wonderful news for me! I am happy to share it with you. Viktor is a great story for anyone to enjoy! Get your copy hot off the press in February 2020. I'm so excited that I forgot to tell you that my new website will be up and running in February and I am thrilled about this new venture in my life! Thank you for your time and consideration. I love you all and I hope you're having a wonderful time in life! Take care and we'll talk soon! Bye for now! Julie

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