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My name is Mohlaroy. I am from Uzbekistan.

I am 19 years old now, and I study at university. I am keen on reading books so sometimes i try to write some stories

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Thanks Allah

May 03, 2023 1 year ago

No matter how sad this story may seem to you, believe me, this day is one of the happiest days of my life and the reason why I always thank God for this day. Since I was a child, I grew up with my grandparents, I gave them all my love and received love, energy and knowledge from them. I would share all my dreams and goals with them. Together with them, I chose the university where I am currently studying. My presence in the ranks of 2021 requirements made my family members proud of me. A new city, new people and a different environment were all foreign to me. For a girl who has never been away from her family, it is difficult for her to go out with people, these 2 contributions were more difficult. As soon as the first month ended, I returned home on the eve of the holiday, I learned to value my loved ones while away from my family. After 2 days I had to go back to study, I come back,  I accidentally remembered that my shoes were left at home, it was too late to bring them, there was a long way to go home, at that moment my grandfather drove a car after my taxi in a hurry, I was very happy because I have such loved ones... I returned to study, and living in a foreign city after a long time became easier with the support of my family members. we started the week of midterms, my first exams. I'm always nervous about exams, and I was a little worried this time too. I always talked to my family on the phone, but for some reason I was disappointed and wanted to go home without any reason. God put something in my heart, I wanted to go home. As my exams were in the middle of the day, I thought of going home without permits. It was a real risk for a girl who dreaded exams, but I still didn't understand why I was so anxious to get home. I also returned home As soon as I entered the house, something stuck in my throat, I missed my family so much - it was longing and love, but there was something else, it was scary and ... as soon as I entered the room, seeing my grandfather brought tears to my eyes, I could not cry properly. But all my feelings were reversed and I was a little upset that they hid the changes in my grantfather's health from me for so long. I tried not to show my feelings, after all, they wanted me to be busy with my studies. that night, my family and I had a full meal together, but my grandfather had a hard time sitting with us, so they were at a separate table, but this moment was an incomparable happiness. At night, when everyone was going to sleep, my mother told me some things, "your aunt came yesterday, and before that, your sister, but your grantfather was waiting for you, they kept repeating, "Mohlaroy, my daughter, are you here, my grantfather was healthy, they could recognize everyone, but for some reason they were calling your  name" I'm really full emotion    even though it's night , I hurried to the evening prayer, I'm in the room connected to my grantfather's room, I'm praying to God, I was just asking for my grantfather's health... In the meantime, my grantfather's coughs are coming, and at night my grandmother, who is taking care of them. I envied their love... I went to sleep with tears in my eyes, morning came, I was busy with household chores, after a while I heard my father's voices, my heart hurt, I lost my father. I cried, but I thought deeply that Almighty God commanded me to go to my grandfather without any reason even on my impossible day, and I was able to see my grandfather for the last time. I thanked God, I was able to be with my grandfather for the last time. Allah gives you such invisible gifts that you can taste their real taste only if you understand them in time...

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