Manish Sharma

An Offbeat Artist and Storyteller

Meerut, India

Manish Sharma was born in 1968 in New Delhi, India. He studied English Literature at Delhi University during his degree program. It was around this time that two important things happened in his life – writing and soldiering.

His first book, 'Prisoner of War' which is a collection of 26 short stories, was published in 2011. He kept writing for popular magazines and also started his blog Discover the Writer in You where he offered insights on creative writing to budding writers.

A short film based on his story 'A Point of View' was telecast on National television in 2014. More of his short fiction featured in 'World within Words', an anthology published by Delhi University in 2016.

His second book, 'Babysitter: An Accidental Mother' which is his first novel, was published in 2017.

The author’s website can be accessed at

Amazon.com: Manish Sharma: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

The author can be contacted at nectarmks@gmail.com


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The Death Wish

Jun 23, 2022 1 year ago

A Story of Greed Unfolding in Every Home.

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