The Most Unpredictable: Life!

There are millions of unpredictable things in the world. But the one which I had found most unpredictable in my 18 years of life is “The Life” itself. Life is so unpredictable that you can't even tell that after next 10 seconds you will be reading this essay or not. It seems quite funny that no one in this world is ready for what next is going to happen with you? Are you ready? I don't think so, and even I'm not ready for what's going to happen next with me.   But, what we can do is “Be ready to accept the reality”; we can't deny the reality and live in the dreams.  We must be ready with a thought in our mind that is “I might not be ready for what is next? But I'm ready to give my 100% in any situation of my unpredictable life”.  Life is very simple but complicated to explain but still I try doing that, by explaining more in fewer words. Life is a game (Suppose any game which you like the most). It begins with the day you are born and ends on the day of your death. But, in those years while you were actually living, you did anything which can make you live even after your death? Seems quite confusing??  Let me help you, do you know William Shakespeare, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Muhammad Ali and Silkworm? I guess you know all of them except the silkworm, right? We'll come on the silkworm later first let's discuss about the famous personalities we have mentioned above.  These all people were normal like us the only thing that made the difference is their thinking! They thought, they believed, they took action, and did something which was unbelievable, but it was the reality and it is the reality and we all accepted it! And in fact we initially never accepted it, see how unpredictable life is. We never believed we can talk through phones, we never thought we can have light; we never thought we (Indians) will be able to get independent and we never thought a million things but they happened.  And this is how the people who thought and did these things are still living even after death. They are remembered and that is what exactly I want to convey through this essay. We should do something to be getting remembered. Maybe not as big as they did but at least something to be got remembered, let's get back to the example of Silkworm. Simply I say it's born, live and then die, but in that period of time it gives the Silk and that silk is so precious that somehow it's remembered. You may not be able to be like the people mentioned above but at least you can do something even on a small scale like the silkworm to be remembered even after death.  You won't take your money when you will die; it's a waste in Heaven. This thing is a universal truth and predictable that you can't take money to the heaven, you'll go there empty hands. In the unpredictable life it is easy to move on a negative path. But very tough to move on positive path because (it's not predictable but in most cases) it doesn't give quick happiness, it might be filled with struggles and it might be having huge challenges. But, negative path is struggle less because it's not quite tough to become a bad person.   But still there's a way this unpredictable life can be lived with happily and that way is simply summed up in a single word i.e. Satisfaction. Even in the hardest times which came in your life because you couldn't predict it earlier you can still live with happiness if you are still satisfied and accepting the reality. Happiness is directly proportional to Satisfaction, the more you are satisfied, the more will be happy.  So, while summing up this essay about unpredictable life I would like to say three things. First, stay satisfied even in the hardest situations. Second, if you face any fall back then try to accept it, learn from it and improve as soon as possible. Third and the last… Try to do something to live even after death, in positive way.  And by doing all this you can handle all the situations of this unpredictable life. 

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