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Peter is well educated. He graduated, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and History , from King's College in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. He obtained his Master of Arts degree in Government and Politics from Georgetown University. He completed many after hours courses while working for the Federal Government, and received a Diploma in National Security Studies from the Naval War College. He understands how government works in theory and in the real world. Peter is a freelance writer form Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania. He has served in government and been writing all of his adult life. He has published hundreds of articles in government documents, magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet. He has received praise, accolades, and awards for his writing including a ribbon for his achievements while writing for Yahoo. The United States is divided in half along ideological lines. Peter is a peacemaker who brings people together by writing about the great ideas which both sides bring to the table.


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The Pandemic Taught Me How To Live!

Jan 25, 2022 2 years ago

What I Learned From The Pandemic While most of the stories coming out of the pandemic are negative, I have a positive story to share. The pandemic gave me a new perspective on life, and taught me how to live and enjoy life. As a senior citizen, I had been questioning my life, and wondering if I had done anything right, if I had actually accomplished anything, and what would my legacy be. Living through the pandemic helps me put these issues into proper perspective. I was depressed and thinking that my life was a waste, as I was working as a supermarket cashier, was not accomplishing anything, and just going through the motions in life. Then the pandemic hit and everything changed as I was suddenly working in a dangerous job where I could easily get sick and die, and I had to serve my customers so they could eat and survive. . The Department of Homeland Security classified food workers as essential workers, and expected us to continue working, as the nation and its citizens are in serious danger. Suddenly, my life was meaningful as I gained a new mission and purpose in life, and my job is important. I want to work and help my teammates and customers anyway I can. I want to see my teammates survive, stay healthy, and prosper during the pandemic. I want to serve my customers and make sure everyone has enough to eat so that they could remain healthy and strong. I appreciate everyday that I wake up and have another opportunity to work and serve my fellow man. I am a senior citizen, weak, tired and worn out, and I have serious medical problems. I do not know how long I can survive and continue working, but am am very grateful for every day that I wake up and have another chance to live and serve my fellow man. I do not know how everything will work out, but I have won the war. Now I enjoy, value and appreciate my life more than ever!. My teammates and customers were also Blessed with a major victory. God's Grace Leads To A Miracle When the pandemic first hit in March 2020, it was a very dangerous situation as there were no protections, no masks, no plastic dividers, and no social distancing. By the Grace of God I experienced a Miracle from God Himself! During the coronavirus and delta phase of the pandemic I did not get infected, none of my teammates were infected at the store, and I do not know of any customers who got infected at the store! Statistically, we should have had a great outbreak, but we were spared and no one got infected at the store. I believe my teammates and I were spared because we were acting in accordance with God's Will and serving food to people who had to eat to survive. This positive situation lasted until the incredibly contagious omnicort variant came about. Give to Others The pandemic taught me the importance of my job and made me determined to serve my fellow man and make life pleasant for them.. I realize I must serve my customers so they they can survive and I try to be as friendly, kind, and polite as possible so they can enjoy their visit to the supermarket. Opportunities to serve my customers are limited less. The other night I had a customer come in come into the store at about 11:15 PM and the store closes at midnight. He was in sorry shape as he was freezing to death and asked me for help. He only had one glove on and it looked like his other hand was just about frozen, He told me he lost his phone and wanted to use the store's telephone. I called his party and put him on the line, with his friends and they said they would send someone to pick him up and give him a ride home. I thought the problem was solved and went back to my register to wait on my customers. He figured out how to use the store's phone and made another call. This time he got a negative response as they said they were not sending anyone to pick him up and give him a ride home, and he was on his own. He came and told me the depressing situation. Then two of my best customers came in and went shopping. I told them the alarming situation I was in, and asked them if they would give him a ride home. Of course they agreed and the driver gave my friend a ride home and then came back to the store, picked up my customer and gave him a ride home. God is still working miracles in the supermarket after all these years! Mindfulness I learned to be mindful of the situation, to cherish the moment and focus on the present. I focus on the present and forgot about my past mistakes, disappointments, and failures. I am serving my customers in a very dangerous situation, and it is imperative that I succeed, so my customers can survive. My health, happiness, and satisfactions became second to accomplishing the overall mission. Mindfulness has improved my happiness and satisfaction. Here is the URL for a very informative video about the pandemic. Please view it and let us know what you think. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhAbjiPZXRA


Conquering The Corona Virus

Jul 21, 2021 2 years ago

Introduction The corona virus has influenced everyone, and this is the story of how I took on the virus head on and won. I am an essential grocery store worker, and I have been working just about everyday since the pandemic bean. People must eat to survive and keep the economy going so I must constantly work. This is the full story of how I conquered my fear of death and the corona virus. The Miracle That Saved My Life By the Grace of God, a miracle has changed my life from certain death, to a life of victory and courage. Some truly miraculous stories have emerged from the pandemic, and this is my story. I am a cashier at the Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Price Chopper Supermarket and I am living through a miracle at the store. When the pandemic hit in March 2020. our sales volume and my work hours skyrocketed. As a senior citizen, I was sure the pandemic would kill me as hundreds of customers were breathing on me and in the beginning, there were no masks or protection. It is a miracle that after all this time, I have not been infected with the corona virus, and my teammates and customers are experiencing the same miracle. Only one of my teammates got the corona virus and he got it at home from his family. I do not believe any of our thousands of customers got the virus at the store. We have experienced maximum exposure and risk and yet miraculously no one has been infected with the corona virus while in the store! Price Chopper never closed up and we never had an outbreak or even a single store relate infection! Essential Workers Grocery store workers were classified as essential workers during the pandemic. The U. S. Department of Homeland Security categorized the protection and continued operation of the food and agricultural industry and related transportation activities as "Critical Infrastructure" under the COVID-19 emergence conditions. In the President's Corona Virus Guidelines for America, the White House emphasizes that food industry sector workers should continue to work and stated: "If you work in a critical infrastructure industry, as defined by the Department of Homeland Security, such as food supply, you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule." Price Chopper provided a letter so I could travel during the economic shut down. The letter stated that I work in the supermarket industry and must travel to and from work, regardless of the time of day. It is essential to the nation's food supply that I be permitted to travel to and from my job and be exempt from local restrictions, such as shelter-in-place orders, when reporting to, returning from, or performing any of my work functions. My Decision To Keep Working As a senior citizen I could have refused to work because of the obvious health risks. I decided to keep working, and I learned to overcome my fear of death during the Corona Virus Pandemic. When the pandemic hit, I came face to face with my fear of death, and I had some important decisions to make. I trust in Jesus Christ for my Salvation, so it was logical that I would keep working. In the beginning, it was very dangerous, as there were no protections and hundreds of customers were breathing on me. I was sure that I would get the virus and it would kill me. The supermarket I work for was determined to serve its customers and community. I shared my employers objectives and decided to continue working on the Front Lines. It was the right decision, as I have not been infected with the virus and none of my teammates or customers got the virus at the store! While so many institutions have suffered through outbreaks of the pandemic, we have not. As a senior citizen, I believe I should take the risks before my younger teammates, those with health issues or children, and those who are victims of discrimination. Moreover, I wanted to serve my customers, and I was willing to die for a legacy and a testimony of serving my customers, the people I love. I was really surprised that when I made this decision, I was free from my natural fear of death and willing to accept the consequences of my decision. I am taking the same risks even today. Cautious But Not Fearful I am amazed at my teammates courage in facing the pandemic, as they proceed cautiously but without fear. My teammates continued commitment to safety guidelines is the best defense against the corona virus. Conclusion A miracle is a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. There is no scientific explanation for Price Chopper's success while staying open for business during the pandemic. The store served its customers and community, and by the Grace Of God, its teammates were given the miracle of good health while working in dangerous circumstances environment. For the latest on fighting COVID 19, please watch the following video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1I_cCsaomU

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Writing Contest: I Love Great Books

Jul 23, 2019 4 years ago

Courtesy Of The Carter Photo Gallery I Love Great Books as they enlighten me and this is where I get my greatest insights. This is an article about the greatest book I have ever read about the miracle at Camp David, and the fine art of peacemaking. The book is entitled Thirteen Days, Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David by Lawrence Wright. I have a Master's Degree in Government and Politics and I learned more about diplomacy and peacemaking from this book than I did in all my years as a student. You can have the same success by reading great books at the library. Wright's book displays the principles of diplomacy and peacemaking that can be used to peacefully resolve any conflict. These principles can also be used to resolve the conflicts in your life. Here are the universal principles of diplomacy and peacemaking: 1. Peace Is Always Possible When President Carter came into office, the consensus at the time was that peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors was impossible. President Carter was the only known major leader in his generation who believed real peace was possible and he pursued it with great vigor and determination as he believed God Himself wanted him to bring peace to the Middle East. 2. Chose a Peaceful Environment President Carter chose Camp David as it is isolated, peaceful, close to nature, and would encourage people to leave their grudges behind. 3. Be Willing To Make Sacrifices For Peace Carter, Begin, and Sadat were willing to pay the price for peace. President Carter risked his presidency. President Sadat gave up Egypt's traditional role as leader of the Arab world as the peace treaty was widely opposed in the Arab world. Prime Minister Begin put Israel's security on the line as he gave up the entire Sinai Peninsula, a strategically important piece of real estate, to make peace with Egypt. 4. Know the People Involved in the Conflict President Carter studied and understood President Sadat and Prime Minister Begin and that made it possible to negotiate the peace treaty. President Carter studied a thick briefing book that the government compiled. Carter's understanding of Prime Minister Begin made peace with Israel possible. The Camp David conference was beginning to conclude on the thirteenth day and there was no final agreement as Prime Minister Begin was holding out. President Carter knew that his grandchildren meant the world to him, and he used this to his advantage. President Carter had a batch of photographs for the three leaders to sign, and they were to be souvenirs for Begin's grandchildren. Carter signed each photograph with the inscription "with love" and wrote the name of each grandchild on the photos. Begin was sitting on the porch in great anguish because the negotiations had failed. When Carter approached him Begin simply wanted to dismiss Carter. Carter handed Begin the photos and he noticed that he had signed the top photograph with the child's name on it. For example, the signing read "To Ayelet." Begin was moved by Carter's display of human kindness and compassion and he froze as he read the names of the grandchildren on the photos. One by one he read the children's names and Begin began to cry. Begin invited Carter into the cabin and suddenly Begin was friendly. Begin changed his mind and accepted the agreement. 5. Be Flexible President Carter wanted a comprehensive peace treaty. When this proved impossible, Carter lessened his goal to a separate peace between Israel and Egypt. 6. Know Your Proper Role Frequently, a peacemaker can be successful simply by being a facilitator or mediator. This is not always possible, and then the peacemaker must play a larger role and become a catalyst. This requires the peacemaker to get personally involved in the conflict and present specific proposals to resolve the issues. Begin and Sadat could not make any progress by talking to each other, so President Carter had to play a much larger role. President Carter became a catalyst for peace and began presenting specific proposals to solve the issues. President Carter used the one-text procedure which is based on a simple concept. As the catalyst, President Carter wrote the basic document or peace treaty and then asked each side for their response. Issues that are not contested are considered agreed upon. Those that are contested are then dealt with by continually narrowing the differences. When each side finally agrees on an issue, that issue is considered complete. The key is that as the catalyst, President Carter controlled the document. When the contenting parties hit a stalemate and could not agree, President Carter proposed new ideas and new language. Issues that would lead to war and economic ruin in the Middle East were resolved. 7. Be Persistent It took thirteen arduous days to negotiate this agreement, and there were plenty of opportunities to give up. Carter pursued peace until he finally had an agreement.

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