THREE things I learned in my early 20's

Because life is always difficult, no matter you are in your early 20's or late 30's. I guess it is no different. Life is hard anyway. Depending on how you handle it. If you handle it well, congratulations. But if you handle it wrong. It is just another quarter of life you need to get through. I just turn 20 recently, I finally almost graduated and got job after I've been drowning in confusion and lost what to do with my life. I am not saying that my life is going good so far. There's someday I cried without any reason.There‘s also day I was extremely happy. And there ‘s a day I woke up feeling empty and couldn't find answer for whatever I was looking for. I know I am still young. There's probably a lot in life I need to figure it out. Who said when you graduate, Your learning curve will stop just right there. So here is the things I have learnt and figured it out so far. Things I wish somebody tells me a bit sooner so my early twenties won't be this hurt. Travelling more before you get trapped with your job.😊 That is why they said gap year is important for those who can't seem to figure out what do they want to do with their life and I believe that is so true. You probably don't wanna spend 8-5 everyday doing what you hate. For those who finally figure out your career path, congratulations. And for those who still have no idea, whatever you are doing right now, stop it, pack your bag and leave. Hah ha. No matter how much I earn, it does not seem to be enough😌😌😌 I wish they teach you more in school about managing your financial status. Every one probably wish to have a credit card to spend on all whatever they want. But not everyone knows how to manage it properly. Ever since I got a job and finally earn money of my own, I feel so damn poor. I seriously have no idea how I handle it as a student. As a jobber, I can't even afford a nice dinner meal with friends. We meet up at CJCC and talk about how bad we are at spending money. So why were I was so rich before but so poor now? The truth is I am neither rich or broke. It was just back then I have my family and scholarship to support me. Right now, everything depends on my own wallet. All depends on my own. If I still can't figure out how to manage my saving properly, no matter how much I earn does not seem to be enough. Do not see things only black and white, because life has so many colours in it.😊 I used to get upset easily when thing does not go as the way I was expected. I blamed myself all the time what I did wrong and how can I fix it. But the truth is maybe I don't have to fix it. Maybe all I need is to observe and learn. Because there‘s not only black and white. If I made it wrong. I don't even need to fix it right. I was being straightforward with everything and it‘s killing me. Life can be more flexible with so many colours in it. Just open your eyes, you are not made to see black and white. And remember life with only black and white is never beautiful. Mistakes can also give you a colorful vibe and joy.

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