Tsion Wondwossen

I save myself by writing

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Hello, I am Tsion Wondwossen from Ethiopia. I was born in Bahirdar, Ethiopia on December 30 1997. I finished my primary and secondary school in S.O.S Herman Gmeiner Bahirdar. I was a medium performer while I was in elementary and high school. But whenever writing and something related to writing events are held I used to stand out, which became my motivation to write more back then. Right now I am learning Electrical Engineering in Addis Ababa University. I have completed four years in there and I am left with one year to graduate. Keeping up with writing while learning engineering is hard because its challenging to have the normal flow that existed before university due to the busy schedule that comes with the education. But still I write whenever I get the time. Especially whenever I am having mental breakdown writing heals me. I prefer writing more than talking or chatting with people. I have freedom while I write about anything I want, and not being judged by anyone I can speak my mind through it. So writing gives me what people can not. I save myself by writing, I please my soul while writing.


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Take the lead

Jan 12, 2020 4 years ago

The word 'leader' is mostly interpreted in a very limited way. Because people tend to relate it with being a political leader or a company leader and so on. But leading starts from your family, friends or any social group that you involve in. All it takes is to be confident about yourself and your way of thinking. Because if you do believe and trust your own opinion and thoughts it will be easy to persuade others and bring them in to your own league. Leadership starts from this kind of basis. You don't have to have some kind of impressive skill and so on. It would be good to have additional achievements and skills but its not really mandatory. Taking lead in tasks and group activities make you influential. And people will start to believe in you and will start to trust your decisions. As you continue with that pattern confidence will be built in a great manner and involvement on big tasks and responsibilities will follow. If you think something needs to be done or if you think you have a good opinion on something, don't hesitate to bring it on table and take the lead. Especially if you want to be some big influential leader, fear and hesitation should not be part of your character. Speaking is directly related with being a good leader. But speaking doesn't literally mean talking in every chance you get. It means speaking whenever you have to and after thinking about the situation and what you need to say. Because every time you say something people will judge your ability to lead and the level of thinking that you have. Even if there is a saying "Don't judge a book by its cover", you will be judged as soon as the first word comes out of your mouth. and since you need people that you have to lead, their opinion and judgement matters. Especially after taking a lead you have to be careful of what you say and you don't. Because you have everyone's attention around you. But it doesn't mean that you should say things to please some one or to show some one something, then that's a problem. Because you have everyone's attention around you. As soon as you take the lead you are willing to take the responsibility that comes with it and the attention it follows. So being fearless, confident, and humble are part of the package you should own. Don't be scared to take a lead, face yourself and show people what you really believe in. Then they will follow you because your fearless and confident figure give them reassurance to follow you till the end and fight with you.

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The complete version of oneself

Jan 12, 2020 4 years ago

When a person come to this world he/she is supposed to be someone at the end of the life journey. One might fail or succeed in becoming the person they want to be as a complete figure. But that depends on the dedication and effort of the person. A person comes to this world as a dispersed puzzle peaces. Collecting the puzzles and completing the picture is the same as becoming a complete person at the end of the journey. Knowing personal strengths, weaknesses, motivations and dreams are some part of the puzzle. All the mentioned peaces by themselves, one leads to the other. But whenever the sequence is not right the challenge becomes tough, and the time it will take to bring the complete picture becomes delayed. And if the person is not dedicated enough to stay strong and be patient, it will be hard to go on. One might ask what if I just want to live like this? What if I don't want to be anybody? Yes, he have the right to stay unchanged, not improved, not to be complete. But the problem is when he need the complete version of him, because as long as he is living in this world, as long as he was created for a reason he will need that version of him to survive. As some people state maturity is not with the physical growth, fashion opinion or other changes, but it is directly related to finding the complete version of oneself. A matured person know what he/she is doing, knows what he/she want to be also the weakness/flaws and strength that he/she have. Successful people around the world didn't get where they are now without putting their puzzles together. They are where they are because they were able to put the mentioned and not mentioned pieces (in this article) together and figure out who they really are. But it doesn't mean that you could actually figure out who you are easily, and it is not as easy as it seems to find true characters of oneself. It needs time and long term concentration to listen to oneself. People who listen to themselves tend to be good observers which helps them to know about what they like and don't like, what motivates them and what their dream is. As stated above the puzzle pieces are character traits of oneself. The word puzzle is used because they really are hard to find and it takes time to bring them together.



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