During twenties you will meet a lot of temporary people.

As being twenties, it is the best time of our lives to go out exploring new things and meeting new people. Because being young, you believe the world is yours. You feel like you can do whatever you want. You can date whoever you like. Even if things aren't turning in the way we've expected or we are falling down with lives, we are still have plenty of time to stand up and enjoy getting to know these temporary people again. You may say i'm done with yourself, but trust me you are not. You aren't done until you meet someone or you aren't too young to joking with your life anymore. - Not only about a relationship, but also everyone. If i write down all of the person i've meet during my first three years at university, the paper would probably being so long. Some i never speak again and some i never met again. I guess time help us realise what do we really want in a person. And if we don't look like what they have thought or they don't meet our expectations, it is so okay to walk away from each other life. We don't need to hate each other for that. (HATE is what childish people do!) - The more you grow up, the more you learn that you don't need to keep everyone in life. Only a person who loves you worth keeping to remember and that's so enough. You get sick and tired of pleasing everyone eventually. As they aren't appreciate you like you did to them. I went to not a very big IT(Information technology ) institute in Cambodia. We only had between 20-25 students per class and i was a graphic design student at that time. But believe it or not, after graduated, i still keep in touch to not more than 5 people. For others, i still see them appear on my Facebook feed. Only 5 i have made a real conversation with. You will see, spending so many months in school together didn't prove anything. Even a long-last friend could turn out to be a total stranger, no doubt a temporary people during twenties could end up being the same too. People can easily come and easily go. Perhaps you will think, so why the hell do i have to let them in?The truth is you have no choice because you will never know either they decide to stay or walk away. So it is your job not to set a very high expectation from anyone. Then you won't be crying all night long if you found out they walk into your memories for just a short time. Actually they are the one who've lost, they just let go of the chance of being with anyone so cool like you 🙂☹ī¸ It's true during twenties you will meet a lot of temporary people. But only if i had a choice (or am i allowing to having a choice), I wish they could stay. I truly wish i don't have to let somebody goes. It should be easy for us right? We are still young and probably have to face a lot more heart broken in life. But seriously who wants that. 🙂🙂😌

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