Life in quarantine.

This incident was a great tragedy all over the world. It was a battle. This combat shook the earth , even if it was not without weapons and shootings. At a time when no one was able to unite the whole cosmos, this contend united everyone. A very dangerous disease has spread all over the globe, causing thousands of deaths. The name of this disorder is Kovid-19. It is said that the illness has claimed the lives of many people in the form of a common cold. The all universe consolidated against this distemper and helped each other. The reason it is called Kovid-19 is that in 2019, the malady appeared in China and treatment measures were taken against it. Many vaccines beside this disease have been developed. At a time when the ailment was spreading around the domain, doctors and scientists were busy producing antivenius. Kovid-19 terrified everyone. In terms of everything is online and it is forbidden to go out on the streets. Schools, restaurants, kindergartens, shops and similar facilities were closed. Along with children, older people were also psychologically stressed to the maximum extent. Of course, the full world was happy. The entire province has been fighting this affliction for about 2-3 years and still is. We are extremely pleased that we are overcoming this intirmity. No one can predict that the disease will not return. So let's not stop following the rules of hygiene while maintaining cleanliness. Thank you for your attention 😊 With respect: Dilnoza


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