The impact of the pandemic on my life.

The virus, which appeared in Wuhan, China, in 2019, has taken over the world by 2020. Many people died prematurely. The caronavirus pandemic has radically changed people's lives. It was then March 14, 2020. There were reports in the media that the caronavirus had entered Uzbekistan. At that time, I had not the slightest fear or concern about the virus. One kindergarten after another, schools, universities, shopping malls, and consumer services outlets were shut down. It was then that I realized that the situation was more serious than I had imagined. Now we are looking forward to the end of quarantine and we will return to our work and study. But the situation was deteriorating day by day, and even now quarantine restrictions were tightening. We could leave our house only when absolutely necessary. Other times it was impossible to get out of our house and it was dangerous for us. We watched the media every day, wanting to know more about the virus. Our fear of disease is much stronger than before. I live in a multi-story house in the city with my family i.e. my husband and two children. My son Samir goes to the 1st grade of school. My daughter Saliha, she is still young. Goes to kindergarten. One morning I called my mother early in the morning to ask how she was. My mother lives in a beautiful village, far away from the city where we live. After a very long signal, my mother picked up the phone: - "Alooo." Behind the phone, I could feel my mother's very tired voice, the deep breath she was taking. It can only be felt, it is impossible to describe. I was scared. "Mother, what happened to you?" I asked. My heart was pounding, my thoughts were out of control, only bad thoughts were ingrained in my brain. I told my mother that she should get tested for caronavirus immediately and go to the doctor. After a long farewell, I said, "Take care of yourself, Mom," and hung up. Do you know what hurts me? When I was sick as a child, my mother would sit next to me without sleeping at night. In my mother's illness, I can't help her. The next day I found out that my mother had been diagnosed with caronavirus and had 25% lung damage. My fears grew stronger. As I sat surrounded by such fantasies, a voice from outside broke my imagination. There was a mobile shop in front of our house. When the malls closed, licensed individuals would sell groceries in a mobile store. It is very convenient for us. I hurried down the multi-story houses. I bought the food I needed. I woke up early the next day. Another morning dawned, but it was as if the clock had stopped, as if one day was as slow as a year. When I look out the window, I see a quiet scene behind the window, not as usual, people rushing to study - to work. I looked around breathlessly. I watch the birds line up on a pine tree branch that reaches up to the 4th floor of the apartment building. At this point, birds are freer and freer than we humans. I imagined myself in prison. Especially in multi-story homes, four walls seem to swallow. At that moment, I felt very tired. My breath is stuck in my throat. I barely made breakfast for my husband and children and went back to bed. I couldn't get out of bed until the evening, I had a throbbing pain all over my body. It immediately crossed my mind that I had contracted the damn virus. I immediately isolated myself in the room. We no longer eat together at the same table. I even talk to my kids behind the door. It was very heavy. Now I can't hold my children in my arms like I do every day. When I analyzed Covid, the result was minus. So what's stuck in my throat? I am drying up like firewood burning in a fire. My eyes were dim, as if the moon had covered my face with a cloud. The hospital was full of critically ill patients, and I was not taken to the hospital. I am more tormented by fear than illness. I felt like I was on the brink of death, and all my thoughts were on survival, and I could see my mother's sad, tired face, and I could hear her breathing deeply and sighing. Then I began to appreciate life, to live. The doctors who were trying to save our lives were real heroes for me. Because of them, I overcame this virus. In the meantime, good news came from my mother. According to the results of re-examination and analysis, my mother also recovered, but was under medical supervision. Now I began to look at life differently, and my outlook changed as well. Quarantine has brought me and my husband closer together. I enjoyed playing with my children. I made a promise I had made for a long time and kept it. I ordered a few fairy tale books from the bookstore for my kids. It was when you saw the joy of my children when my uncle on the bike brought our orders ... Now I read fairy tales to my children every night. And every morning I have time to make their favorite boluchka and cookie dessert. My husband and I talk more than ever. I'm not saying life in quarantine is good, but this virus has taught us to value each other.

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